Understanding the separate mmr thingy.

So I played flex and got matched with plat/low diamond, which is pretty much my actual ranked mmr. I thought that because of this, it's gonna place me somewhere in mid/low gold, which is what I usually get at the beginning of every new season. However, after going 4-6 in placements I ended up in bronze 1. So, it's pretty obvious that ranked flex placements are pretty much like the first placements that you play on a new account. Why was I matched against diamonds from the very first game though and never against bronze or silver? It seems like the system matches you with people close to your existing mmr but starts the ranking process from 0, which is just unfair for anybody above mid silver. I mean sure, if my mmr is godly I should be able to skip divisions every time, but freaking bronze 1, really? It makes no sense. What is this system trying to achieve really, other than force people to play hundreds of games for absolutely no reason (I mean, I already know I can be in D5)?
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