(SoloQ, or more likely solo QQ thread)

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Ranked is no more competitive gameplay already. It's just full of stomps and no Equal skill game. It have no value. or nor rewards decent enough for your hard try to play. Also it's quite funny how the game punishes YOU for having bad teammates like i am responsible for them. Especialy ranked solo games. Teammates not even listening to anything. they just go do their own business without even reacting to "teamgame". they just ignore most of the time. Yes I know my winrate is disaster and I know that I got demoted for that and how system works. But i try my best not to get demoted. i react to pings and help them, and what i get in return is completely ingorance. They don't care about win, they dont care about roles and picks. THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT teammates and teamplay. And guess what? you can't even do anything about it. Rito made gameplay into more teamplay in order to win. but the problem is players not even willing cooperate in soloQ. Here is my winrate differences of solo and flex. (Don't mind the game count differences. started flex like 2-3 week ago) http://prntscr.com/n52lsh Flex feels way more differend to play than soloQ. Flex gameplay feels more refreshing to play. While Ranked Solo is quite rotten to the core in my opinion. and here is no difference in divisions. you be silver or platinum/diamond, it have same skills. and same value. So yeah. Partialy i am just letting out my frustration about all this. Any comments regarding ranked solo games?
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