Bard - "Chims in Jungo" (Build, tips, overall impression)

{{champion:432}} Bard; The Wandering Caretaker. I saved for him the moment I saw him revealed. I knew his kit is perfect for me. it offers all what I look for when playing support. The thing that I didn't understand though is the true potential of this wanderful champion. Let's begin with the basics; Bard's passive **Traveler's Call**. *Bard's presence causes sacred chimes to appear at a random location on the field, which linger for up to 10 minutes. Collecting a chime grants Bard a brief burst of movement speed out of combat for 7 seconds, experience, and restores mana. Every 5 chimes Bard collects empower his Meeps.* What is a Meep? well; *Meeps: Bard's presence attracts small spirits known as meeps to his side. Whenever Bard attacks, one of his meeps throws itself at his target, dealing bonus magic damage before disappearing back to the spirit world. At 5 Chimes, meeps slow damaged enemies, and at 25 Chimes they deal area of effect damage in a cone behind the main target, with the cone's size increasing at 65 chimes. Meeps spawn every 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 seconds and Bard can hold up to 1 / 2 / 3 / 4.* Now you understand? Basically collecting the Chimes around the map empower Bard's damage output, cc, and AoE. Passively though (from experience) learning Bard and mastering him, enhances your map awarness. You don't even realise it, but since you are busy with helping your ADC and looking to buff yourself, you start checking the map very often for Chimes. The best thing about it is that it remains with you no matter which champion you are playing; Map Awarness is a passive skill for us the Summoner's ;D On to **Cosmic Binding**; *Bard fires out a burst of spirit energy in a line, dealing magic damage and briefly slowing the first enemy struck by 60%. After Cosmic Binding hits an enemy, the burst of energy continues through, searching for secondary targets. If it hits a wall or a second enemy, it stuns the affected units, dealing magic damage to the second unit as well.* Now the strongest part of this skill is that it's very easy to land as it's range is extended a bit, given you have successfully landed it on an enemy, also this skill is very relieble as it has a rather low cooldown. The tricky part is to aim Cosmic Binding right, and aiming it under pressure. Failing to do so is also rewarding though, the 60% movement reduction is more than enough to keep you smiling after the dismay of failing to stun that nasty {{champion:67}}. Cosmic Binding is a strong skill for intiating fights, but also for escapes. Making it probaby the strongest skill in his kit. You should max it first~ **Caretaker's Shrine**; *Bard conjures a health shrine at the target location that builds up in power over 10 seconds. Bard can have up to 3 shrines active at once, which remain until visited by an ally or crushed by an enemy. Allied champions who step over the shrine will consume it, healing for an amount based on the shrine's power and gaining 50% bonus movement speed which decays over 1.5 seconds. Enemy champions who step on the shrines will destroy it.* The one thing that many do not pay attention to is that this shrine gains more healing power the more it's standing there. Also, it never decays, as long as you do not place more than 3 shrines, or no enemy stepped on it. Caretaker's Shrine is a key for Bard to be able to get them "Chims in Jungo". leaving a few shrines (In brushes, behind your turret or at least near it) can allow your ADC to farm alone for longer untill they will start pinging you thousands of times for assistance (been there, done that). An another important notice is that you should probably notify your ADC that it doesn't decay, and that leaving it as a last resort is a good idea (some ADC's just like collecting shiny stuff you know?). **Magical Journey**; *Bard opens a magical corridor through the first piece of terrain in front of him through to the other side. Both allies and enemies can use the corridor by right-clicking on its entrance, with allies travelling faster than enemies. There is a limit to the length of the corridor.* About the limit though I am really not sure, at least about Summoner's Rift. It doesn't seems like there is any long enough terrain for Magical Journey. Not sure about the other maps. To tell you the truth, I can't see this ability as an intiation tool. This ability is great for Bard to save time collecting Chimes, for him to return to his ADC, and it's good for escaping the enemy. Noteworthy; While escaping the grasp of the vile enemy using Magical Journey, you'd want to use Cosmic Binding right after you see an enemy following you through the corridor. Magical Journey's destination does not cancel the terrain's being terrain, and stuns the exiting enemy(ies) right away. The low mana cost and the considerably low cooldown (at maximum level) allows Bard quick mobility around the map to collect Chimes, join fights, escape and to get in range for his "Tempered Fate". **Tempered Fate**; *Bard sends magical energy arcing to a target location. On impact, all units — allied, enemy and neutral — in the target 325-radius area are put in stasis for 2.5 seconds, becoming untargetable and invulnerable but also unable to perform any action. Epic monsters and turrets (excluding Dominion turrets and the Nexus Obelisk) are also put in Stasis icon stasis , despite normally being immune to disabling abilities.* Now this ultimate is debatable and is debated in the community since the revelation of Bard. While this is an insanely useful tool for pro trolling (What's up Bronze?), this ability can be the ultimate intiation/chasing tool as well. One thing to note is that the farther Bard is from his target, the longer the delay of the skill's effect (The warning for your team and enemy team comes right after you released that R button). If you plan on leeching some assists while collecting Chims in Jungo, you better be good at guessing and assesing. Tempered Fate can also turn the tides of the battle, Bard is so powerful that he can Zhonya even Baron Nashor, the Dragon, and turrets/inhibitors. That means you can save a turret/inhibitor to allow your team to take action towards defending it. Tempered Fate can also be used to Zhonya an enemy turret (and maybe surrounding minions too) to prolong the wave's life to allow your team to catch up and push said turret. And of course for all the greedy ADC's, you can also Zhonya a turret to allow a safe dive. Accuaricy is the key of Tempered Fate, use it wisely (until it's level 3, then it just has less than a minute of cooldown). **Recommended build**; Remember Annie support back in season 4? And season 5 Morgana and Lux? Yes. I am talking about the killing supports. Well Bard's can easily be one like them. In fact, it's harder avoiding taking the kill than helping your ADC to get one. Bard's base damage with Cosmic Binding is high enough to deal damage even if you don't build a {{item:3089}}, and It's AP scaling is 50% which is probably higher than most support's slowing (not to talk about stunning) skills. I usually start with a {{item:3303}} Because it gives you better gold income. Bard's Meep damage in the early game is high enough to benfit from poking and harrassing the enemy ADC or even support. The next thing i do is buy {{item:1001}} and rush {{item:3027}}. That signals that Bard's early game is over. Now thinking of the items that would enhance Bard's Meep damage I looked at {{item:3115}} first. Apparently, RoA gives you enough sustain for you to actually benefit from the low (until 80 Chimes and/or Rabadon's bought) damage addition. The bigger reason is that once your Meeps start slowing your enemy, the att.speed boost it provides turns Bard into a scary chaser. Speaking of chasing, Boots of Swiftness {{item:3009}} is a great choice for Bard, the once beloved Boots of Mobility are no longer benfiting since they become a menace once you are in combat. Them swift boots keep ya speedy all day (and night)! Did I already mention that Bard gains a movement speed when collecting a Chime? {{item:3100}} Obviously Lich Bane is a core item for Bard. I mean, who would want to deal tons of damage right after stunning that Katarina? Lich Bane also provides movement speed, now you might feel safer invading the enemy jungo for chims! Note; at this point feel free to sell your Spellthief's Edge, you might have a use for the bonus 115 gold, potions maybe? {{item:3089}} The process of gaining this item already signs that you are in the late game, Bard needs damage. Bard WANTS damage. At this stage you should have about 80 Chimes, and with the deathcap, not only your Meeps will blast minion waves, enemy ADC and midder, but also your Lich Bane and Nashor's Tooth will start wrecking your enemy team, leaving nothing but our favorite "ace'd" announcment. {{item:3116}} **/** {{item:3157}} Both items provide huge amounts of AP(that's damage bro), and sustain. Remember, these items combined with RoA do NOT turn Bard into a tank, don't go all in against 5 thinking that the rather "little" sustain bonuses from these items will give you a penta (you can still get it, but with your team with you). All of the items mentioned above gurantee a healing-disabling-fast-Zhonyain'-nuking Bard that leaves no chance for the enemy team to get through you. Did I mention already that Bard gains movement bonus once he collects a Chime? ;D **Seriously now, the thing that is very important to remember with Bard;** Bard relies on his team more than the team relies on Bard, communication and mutual understanding are the key for Bard to be of any use. There is no point to put anyone in stasis if there is no one to rush towards the target and begin the killing spree. And there is no point in stunning/or slowing( :( ) anyone without bringing the team with you. Make sure your team is with you all the time, and that you are there for them all the time. My personal rating for Bard; 8/10 - A fresh, interesting and dynamic champion which is truelly enjoyable. From Bard's looks, theme and voiceover, to his kit and mechanics. If you want to see more of these summaries & quick guides, please leave a comment and say which Champion you would like to see. Hope you liked it! Aiver Christine.

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