No, you wouldn't want longer queues... stop spewing this bull

Aaah, another day, another billion forum posts whining about auto-fill... A common thread you see in the compilation of _incredibly_ well thought-out, intelligent and _totally_ implementable arguments that comprise the average "autofill sux" post is the *oh, I don't care if I wait 20 minutes, if I just get my role* Yeah, right, right... how about you shut the %%%% up. Because when most of you say, or think "20 minutes", you don't actualy expect to wait those 20 (and more) minutes. It's a hyperbole, an exaggeration, how could it ever happen that you would wait *that* long? Well, let me remind you of why team Builder was a failure: **Nobody wanted to wait 20 mins for a game.** Don't get me wrong: I fcking **loved** Team Builder. As a support main I had like 12 sec. queue times and I could litteraly take anything as support as long as it had at least 1 CC. I played Sej (oh, those days of Kalista-Sej "pig throw" bot-lane), Fiddle, Cho'Gath if I felt like it and I got into games, because there were people that waited so long for a game that they were okay with almost anything. Ofc, when I wanted to play Top for a change, then I was screwed just like the rest. So, are you ready to wait at least 10 minutes in peak time for a game and more than double that outside peak? Are you ready to wait 20 minutes, only to be paired with an obvious troll that forces you to leave and potentialy wait those 10-20 mins again? Are you ready to spent about 50% of your game time in queue? If the answer is a resounding "YES" to all those questions, then holy shit go find yourself a dominatrix since you obviously have some masochistic tendencies (or at least stronger than the average LoL player). So, can you honestly say that you would patiently wait for the system to finally find that 1 support main that is online at 3:28 AM? Or would you come to the forums again with threads like: > >30 MINS IN QUEUE... GG RITO > Why should I spend 30 minutes in queue for a 20 minute game? > > 20 min wait for gaem that im lose wit trollers > > y noone play support... force ppl to support In conclusion, think before you open your mouth and grace us all with a hefty splash of verbal diarrhoea. Sincerely, a bored Asshat.
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