"first N champions purchased" is dumb for years-old accounts

A friend of mine recently lost access to his acc: Riots suspended him on the basis of 3rd party software (which is pure trash, he haven't even been playing the last month, maybe only couple of times, and I have never heard him even try anything like macros, but that is not the point). Now support demands that he names first few champions he purchased. On a 6-years old account! Like... really? For example, I myself started somewhere at Tahm Kench release, and now I own 90% of all champions, and played every one of them. How am I supposed to remember after all this time, which ones very exactly the first ones? And my friend's acc is one year older, at least. It's like... if that info is so important, then maybe Riots should tell us directly when we purchase those champions? Or maybe even email this: "here're your first 10 purchases, you may need them later to recover your account, so write it down and store somewhere". And now this seems just stupid. The recent new acc is usuallly not worth the trouble to recover it. And years-old ones, with all the Victorious skins... Especially so, when you consider hextech and the new player experience: you may unlock champions as shards come, without really thinking, and can you really say, which ones you unlocked for BE, and which ones you got for free as a newbie? This must be fixed, really.
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