Riot we need to talk about Twitch and his current state

Currently he sits at 46% winrate across all regions and tiers with only few champs having lower winrate than him.I personally think he is now the weakest adc due to his weak early game and his low trading potential.Many ad carries can bully him in the lane,therefore he lacks damage early on to deal with big cc tanks in the meta and his overall presence in teamfights.It is just a big struggle for him to reach that late game potential where he is hyper carry and his teamfight presence is the strongest among of all the ad carries. I used to love playing and main Twitch back in s4 because of his stealth and his lategame teamfights with his ultimate,but right now i feel he doesnt have enough presence in early and mid game to be viable as adc.He is very immobile adc,so u can easily shut him down with big cc tank in the jungle or top who can lock him down with the assasins still popular in the mid lane and that combined with his bad laning phase makes him extremely hard to reach late game where he is the strongest.Ad carries like{{champion:222}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:104}} etc. are strong in every stage of the game so why would somebody and even me pick Twitch instead of any of these carries.Why would i pick him over{{champion:222}} or {{champion:15}} or{{champion:51}} ,when they are all stronger than him early and mid game and still they are hypercarries lategame. I feel so sad,but i think i wont going to play him in the future unless he undergoes some revisions.Help our favourite little rat to become viable again {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}{{item:3070}}
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