using strength of the colossus properly

its been a while since the new mastery was introduced and i still see people using it on the wrong champions so i wanted to make this so just clarify first of all this keystone is only activated by HARD CC ( snares, stuns , fears etc ..) wich means silences and slows wont work so please dont use this on {{champion:75}} or {{champion:86}} - yes i have seen a {{champion:86}} picking this and in gold elo too :D - so if your desired champion doesnt have HARD CC dont bother taking it now that we got that out of the picture we go to the second requirement : your champion has to be an initiator witch means your champion is the kind the tends to start fight by going in close to the enemy team like {{champion:89}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:154}} maybe {{champion:24}} ? :D champions like these tend to get most of the heavy beating so they need survivablity so dont use this on {{champion:53}} since he doesnt really need it because when a fight starts he is usually away from the enemy team and and no one really cares about him i hope this helped :D cya on the rift
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