Why Dynamic Que Is Frustrating / Broken [Proof included]

So I just played a new ranked game on my account as a solo player and you can easily predict the winning team by just looking at both teams instantly. Not only was the enemy team better, but they had 2+2 premades (this was discovered by looking at enemy tags) while we had 0 premades and less skill cap. I know the site shows that out team has more mmr, but carefully look at the team. I am not sure if I am allowed to post names of players , so I removed all of them. 1. Teams: http://imgur.com/qbYxcXn 2. Veigar first time ranked and only 48 games in league : http://imgur.com/M8mS70x , http://imgur.com/M8mS70x Enemy advantage: 1- 2+2 premades 2- Higher rank 3- More than 100+ ranked game on each member ( does not make them good, but they have experience)
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