Just a Small Idea for Thresh

With the Season 6 changes to Last Whisper, {{champion:412}} got indirectly nerfed harder than any other champion as far as being able to tolerate damage from any AD champion who has {{item:3035}} {{item:3036}} is concerned. Because of his static base armor of 16, practically all of Thresh's armor comes from bonus armor, which is now easier than ever to shred through. I'm not saying Thresh isn't viable, but I feel he deserves a small compensation buff for the itemization changes, so what I propose is changing his passive to give him 0.3 **base armor** + 0.45 bonus armor (still 0.75 total) per soul to stop him being melted so fast by champions with the new Last Whisper. Please Rito, show some love for our favourite undead support {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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