Bot lane as of now (Patch ~6.2-6.3)

Hi, this is a post mainly for my friends who ask me what botlane is, how it's played and what is strong et cetera. So euuh.... Gotta save it somewhere? Also, I'll be making an "overview" for every role, so if you like this one feel free to look up the other ones, although I'll start with botlane. (Since I main botlane) EDIT: Thank you guys _so_ much for 1k views, this kind of blows my mind. I also really appreciate the comments, especially the sharp and correcting ones (such as PentaBacon's). I suppose that I'll hurry up with my next "overview": Jungle as of now then. Yet again, thank you so much and I look forward to talk to you guys again! Good luck in SoloQ and have fun summoners. At first I'll look at all the champions Riot considers fit for botlane (Marksman and Support, and yes Riot put Mordekaiser under Marksman, but I won't, so...), additional picks and then combos. So let's start off with all the Marksmen, and how they generally perform. (Alphabetically) (Use Control+F and type in a name to easily find the champion you wish to look for) Also, I will not be explaining every single kit and ability, I think you can look those up yourself, although I will mention important abilities. --- Seperate notes: -Auto attack will be abbreviated to AA. Auto attack range to AA range. -Will refer to full premade (5 dynamic or simply normal) as Team Ranked -In my opinion the most important stat on ADC's is AA range. That is why I will specifically mention the AA of every ADC, and whether they can boost it or not. In my opinion low range is weak by default, except for some exceptions (Then again, exceptions to every rule.) -I will mainly give my opinions on these champions, and their current state in the game. Am I trustworthy? Decide for yourself, but do keep in mind _these are not facts_. --- Table of Content: I: ADC's II: Supports III: Combos IV: My top list (Because everyone loves lists, right?) V: A final opinion on botlane VI: A thank you --- _One side of a weighted coin_ **Ashe**: {{champion:22}} Ah Ashe, instantly starting off with a tough one- to place _and_ play. Ashe is listed under _Support_ and _Marksman_ by Riot, a choice understandable yet faulty in my opinion . Ashe is indeed a supportive marksman, and this is because of her many many slows, the stun on ultimate and the basically blue orb on E. With a solid auto attack range of 600 she outranges most other ADC's, but has to pay with her immobility. Unlike most other ADC's she does not have any gap closer / movement ability, and has to get around with slowing / stunning her opponents. In lane she does not necessarily perform very well, but certainly doesn't perform poorly either. She suffers against all-in lanes due to her lack of movement, and gets really punished on early ganks and when the opponent gets ahead. She eventually develops into a hyper-carry, with tons of damage on the Q and good catch potential on the R. Best used in Team Ranked or an organized game, not adviceable for SoloQ. Also not advised for people learning botlane. --- {{champion:51}} **Caitlyn**: Continuing the trend of high auto AA ADC's, Caitlyn has the highest, (non-buffed) AA range of all. With an AA range of 650 she tends to easily get free trades, especially against lesser skilled opponents. She has a strong early game, due to her range, and a hard fall in the mid game. This is because especially toplaners get their 1-2 core items, whereas Caitlyn is only just starting to scale. She thus gets destroyed in the mid-game, but gets back later on in the late game, again due to her range. A rather simple champion to play in lane, with a lot of pushing potential and lane dominance. Would recommend for learning ADC, would not recommend for SoloQ due to lacking carrying potential throughout the mid-game, arguably the most important time in a game. --- **Corki**: {{champion:42}} Corki Corki... I remember when you had a 10% additional true damage passive instead of a 55/55 (Thank you PentaBacon for correcting me) split on your AA's. As you have seen in your games and in the patches, Corki right now is in a really strong spot. The package is really strong and creates a lot of kill potential, and with an AA range of 550 he is on par with the rest. A really good champion to pick when you have a full AD team due to the heavy AP damage. A good laner who has stays steady strength wise throughout the game, with an easy to hit Q, spammable R and decent escape. Would recommend for people who are new to ADC. Actually he's such a good all-rounder I would recommend him for any queue. Struggles against very- if none in lane. --- **Draven**:{{champion:119}} Places to be, me to see. Draven is a man of men, and a very tough ADC to play. Draven is the hardest snowballing ADC out there, and if he gets one kill with ~200 stacks you better prepare for a bad time. Although he has no gap closers, he does have a refreshable speed-up, when he catches an axe, and a knock-back (aside) with a slow. A really strong ADC on paper, with an AA range of 550, although he's really tough to play / learn. Lane dominant, and when he gets a few kills he's really strong for the rest of the game too. Although if he does _not_ get any kills he falls off really really hard. Would not recommend for learning ADC, but if you're prepared to put in the time and effort he can absolutely destroy SoloQ games. A very variable strength line depending on how fed he gets. --- **Ezreal**: {{champion:81}} One of the safest ADC's, yet really strong and annoying to play against. Most known for the Blue Build at the moment, he sacrifices lane presence (due to spending 750 gold on Tear of the Goddess, which doesn't give any stats for laning) for a strong mid-late game. Although he also has 550 AA range, his q about doubles this, and he'll be spamming his Q most of the time. Due to his caster-ish gameplay I'd recommend him for midlaners trying to get into ADC, and due to his safety nets in general I would recommend him for anyone who's trying to get into ADC. A relatively weak laner though, so prepare to lose lane. (especially if you're going blue build) Would recommend for any queue, especially SoloQ because Ezreal can effectively 1v2 and keep up in farm due to his Q. --- **Graves**: {{champion:104}} It's a true shame Riot had to change Graves, I absolutely adored his kit when his AA was still normal, but ah well. I would not classify Graves as a Botlane-ADC anymore, due to his very lacking AA range (425). Especially with the nerfs coming in, you won't see this outlaw too much on botlane anymore. Especially potent in toplane (due to the many melee's he can punish) and Jungle (Clear speed is absolutely ridiculous, takes no damage from camps due to armor and magic resist on E + pushback on AA's) He could still potentially work with supports that lock people in place, but I'll be getting into that later on. Would not recommend to play on botlane, although he could introduce you to the ADC role a bit when you play him in other roles. --- **Jhin**: {{champion:202}} The infamous newly-released ADC champions. Currently with an awfully low win-rate (Although do NOT judge this, most new champions take some time to figure out) he does not seem very potent. An AA range of yet again 550, which is on the low side for immobile champions, he has not impressed me. It seems like that Riot, with their ideal of making every champion unique, have a very hard time making an ADC champion that actually, well, plays botlane. (Graves doesn't, I've seen more Jhin mids than Jhin Adc's, Quinn, Kog...) He mainly relies on critting to stay mobile, with his passive giving him a lot of movement speed. He seems, in many ways, to be a stumped down version of Draven though. I'd play Draven above Jhin, and I would not recommend trying this guy untill either people figure out how to play him or when Riot strongly buffs him. Not the weakest laner though, seems like lacking in the mid-game and tricky to play in general. Would not recommend to learn ADC with. Would not recommend to play in SoloQ. --- **Jinx**: {{champion:222}} Yet another immobile ADC, with an interesting AA range mechanic. You probably know it by now, but her base range is 525 that can go up to 700 on Q rank 5 and 600 on Q rank 1. Thus outranges most ADC's by the end game, but due to the windup of the attack (and low attack speed) early game she can't get free trades off. Would not recommend in this Assasin-y meta since she's full damage and has a hard time peeling for herself, and doesn't have that much lane dominance. Also gets destroyed by ganks when the jungler has a gap closer / hard cc ability, which they basically all have. Would not recommend to learn ADC with either. Would however recommend her in Team Ranked queues (/ organized) due to the crit rockets and hyper carry potential. --- ** Kalista**:{{champion:429}} Hop hop bunny hop... An attack range of 550 _COMBINED_ with a passive that gives her a scary amount of mobility make this one of my go to champions. A really good early game, with a disgusting amount of damage on the W and the E make her rather lane dominant, although she struggles against hard all-ins. Takes a lot of knowledge and skill to play in the mid and late game due to positioning issues, so I would not recommend to learn ADC with. Would recommend in Team Ranked, due to her ult being so good with some other champions; will adress this later on in Combos. --- **Kennen**:{{champion:85}} Although by many not considered an ADC, and he should probably not be played in SoloQ as an ADC either, he does surprisingly well in Team Ranked. Rekkles definitely being the one who introduced this champion as an ADC you play a supportive role, with still quite a decent bit of damage. An AA range of 550 and a pretty good laning phase due to the mixed damage and useful abilities, combined with the potential of stunning them makes this little ninja quite the niche pick. Would however not recommend to learn ADC with. But I strongly recommend you to play around with him and see what he can do! His E also gives him the mobility needed to get away from assassins and ganks. --- **Kindred**: {{champion:203}} Not really a botlane ADC, because she has multiple issues with an AA range of only 500, but rather a ranged jungler. Has some ADC mechanics though, and you could try her out in the botlane in normal games, which could lead to some interesting results. If you want to get into playing ADC, but don't yet want to commit to playing botlane, you could play Kindred in the jungle. Still a very strong pick for Soloq nonetheless though as a jungler. --- **Kog'Maw**:{{champion:96}} I'm really unsure about where Kog is in the current meta to be honest. Seems like he has a close to useless laning phase, and gets bested by everyone. 500 AA range which can be expanded to 630 at rank 1 and 710 at rank 5. Admittedly his mid to late game are really good but how are you going to get there with a laning phase as bad as Kog's? I'll put my money on _not_. Although Riot has buffed him in 6.3 and might continue to do so, I'd currently not advise playing him in botlane. Wouldn't really recommend playing him in any other role either. However if you really, for some magical reason, do want to play Kog I'd recommend watching / looking up Entenzwerg (EUW, IGN is PkD Entenzwerg) who mains Kog though. (He streams in German at the moment) --- **Lucian**: {{champion:236}} Oh Lucian. A strong laning phase, a good mid game and in my opinion a really good late game. Definitely among the best ADCs at the moment, with not too many weaknesses. 500 AA range is arguably his only one, but his kit more than compensates for it. Especially with (with cdr build) very low CD on his dash and good damage output? Sign me up. A very good ADC to learn ADC with, and added bonus for being fun to play. Would recommend playing him whenever you feel unsure about what to play against the other laner, since he does really well against basically every lane. --- **Miss Fortune**: {{champion:21}} Mf took a hard hit with the nerfs to the cunning mastery tree, especially the mastery Precision due to Thunderlords been so good on her, also took some other nerfs to her E. A low 550 range for an immobile ADC with pure damage to back her up, gets locked down and beaten down by all-in lanes aswell as sustain lanes. Would not recommend playing her in the current meta. Again I feel like she gets outclassed by the immobile ADC god Draven. --- **Quinn**:{{champion:133}} Again another ADC champ that, due to Riots changes, is never played as a botlaner anymore. With a dissapointing range of 525 for an immobile ADC, an "interesting" gap closer / movement ability (Vault) she really doesn't fit into botlane anymore. Pick her up for jungle or top though, as she's really strong in those roles, but as ADC just leave her be. Would not recommend to play for learning ADC though as her playstyle is a tad peculiar, especially with tanky build paths that include Sterak's Gage, she really doesn't belong to the ADC's in my opinion. --- **Sivir**:{{champion:15}} Another immobile ADC, another dissapointment. An awfully dissapointing 500 range, which has to supposedly be compensated by the fact she has a spell-shield, a movement speed granting passive on AA's (to champs) and an ult. But it really doesn't; she feels weak and even though she supposedly has a decent early game the only thing she effectively does is push out wave after wave, leaving her vulnerable to ganks. Although she can be fun and useful in Team Rankeds with her ult as an engage tool I would only recommend Sivir for the experienced ADC players, who know the champion and the risks. --- **Tristana**: {{champion:18}} The only champion that, on level 18, outranged Caitlyn due to her passive. With an base AA range of 550 that gets higher every level, and a Q that is an AS boosting beast this one is a hyper carry for late game. She actually has a surprisingly good early game with her E-W, especially now that if she gets 5 E stacks on a champion her W gets another reset, I'd consider this one worth trying out. Definitely a good champion to learn ADC with and snowball throughout a game, Tristana is at the top of my list at the moment in terms of strength. --- **Twitch**: {{champion:29}} In my opinion this champion feels clunky, and I really don't like him, some other friends of mine quite like him. As the only ADC with invisibility at the moment (Excluding Teemo, I mean please) he has a 550 AA range with some good early game presence due to his passive and E. Feels really weak in the early mid game, and then scales pretty well into late mid game / late game. I wouldn't recommend picking him up if you're new to ADC. He can be really good though, but yet again I feel like he, as an immobile ADC, gets outclassed by some others... such as Draven and arguably even Ashe, hell- he even feels weaker than Varus on botlane. Although with ult his AA range is the highest in the game with an impressive 850 range! And hey, you can do some fun things such as stealth, let shen ult you and then run in behind / into them. --- **Urgot**: {{champion:6}} Seriously who still plays this guy? A disgusting AA range of 425 (Urgot to be kidding me) makes him more of a melee than a ranged champion, and to add insult to injury he's immobile too. Just... play him toplane or something. Not very good, wouldn't recommend learning him either. --- **Varus**:{{champion:110}} Another immobile ADC, another dissapointment. Although I'll admit that his poke is really good with Q, as you must've noticed Mid Varus really being a thing, he has some serious issues in lane. He loses against most combos, and doesn't scale that well into mid game. Get a good early game though and you should have a decent time scaling into mid and late game. I would recommend playing him and trying him out here and there, but I do not think he is very good at the moment. Would, yet again, recommend playing him in Ranked Teams though and try and build comps with / around him as he is quite unique with is ult and all. --- **Vayne**: {{champion:67}} The MLG ADC, the living montage creator, the Youtube phenomenon. You should probably not play this champion too much, she has some real issues early game and to be quite frank she's not the easiest champion to play late game. Although she is a self-peeling hypercarry, with a decent range of 550 considering her mobility and peel heavy kit, she often gets blown up rather easily and, like said, suffers really badly from the early game. Also her mid game isn't the best, although her duelling potential is real.... But that doesn't justify split-pushing all the time and leaving your team hanging. Wouldn't recommend for new players or advanced players, to be honest. You're not going to be as good as Gosu, and your time is probably spent better on other champions. --- _The other side of the weighted coin_ **Alistar**:{{champion:12}} A really strong support, even though they gutted his sustain in patch 6.3. His combo, now almost not fail-able anymore, will always be one of the strongest combos in the game. Especially flash pulverize into headbutt in tower range is disgustingly scary, he's at the top of my list. Not even mentioning the fact that his ult makes him the tankiest tank in the game, albeit for not the longest of whiles. A rather fun champion to play with. At the moment he's pretty healthy in my opinion. --- **Annie**:{{champion:1}} An easy to play Brand to be honest. What applies to Brand can mostly also be applied to her. If she builds full damage and gets ahead a bit she can actually one shot their ADC, not even mentioning the fact that her flash ult remains a very solid engage. Then again, if she gets behind she tends to get snowballed on. Annie can, in my opinion, carry games pretty hard though. However, when I say _Supp ... can carry_ this does not mean they'll necessarily have a higher winrate than other champions. It actually means that you have to be willing to take the pressure off of the team and prove that you can handle it. If you are carrying your team and you get caught you singlehandedly lost the game, because you probably took a lot of resources. **_Being on a champion that is able to carry is not necessarily a good thing_** --- **Bard**: {{champion:432}} An interesting support, and not necessarily a weak one. Bard however heavily relies upon skill in my opinion. Landing his Q as a stun in fights is crucial to his success, and his W is not the most useful of abilities. Outside of that he doesn't have any real power spikes either because his E can not be used in combat either. However he still deals a surprisingly decent amount of damage with his meeps, and thus his poke isn't too bad. An interesting choice. Would recommend him for higher ELO's though, where your ADC doesn't tilt when you leave him for a bit. Primarily a champion to have fun with, since in late game he doesn't do too much with his ult or otherwise either. But a good use of his ult can make him a scary late game champion nonetheless, not recommended for people who only ocassionaly play him though. (For Ranked that is) --- **Blitzcrank**: {{champion:53}} To be honest this guy is really likeable, although some games he just doesn't work out. He can turn losing games with catches and snowball winning ones even harder, but sometimes you'll just hit nothing, tilt and hit even less. A bit of a risky pick, but quite fun and quite potent too. Feels a bit like Thresh, but then balls to the wall. --- **Brand**: {{champion:63}} A very strong support, who has a few pronounced issues though. In my opinion one of the scariest supports out there, with a very disturbing kit in general. If Brand hits a Q on you while you're already marked by his passive, and so if it stuns, you're dead. That's basically what it comes down to. Brand has a disgusting amount of % max health on the passive, which lets him be useful throughout the game. Then again, if he gets snowballed on by a champion such as Draven, Blitzcrank or Leona he tends to die a _lot._ If you ever wanted to solo carry a game as a support though go for Brand. --- **Braum**:{{champion:201}} In my opinion Braum is really strong, has been and probably will always be. Especially his passive is very scary, no matter at which point the game. His shield is a very interesting mechanic that can definitely save your team in multiple ways. One of the few champions who, in my opinion, has a good use for every ability in his kit. Would definitely recommend trying this guy with certain ADC's such as Lucian since their passives work so well together. --- **Janna**:{{champion:40}} Disgustingly simple and even more disgusting in how much she can do. I'm sure I'll insult all the Janna mains but she's not fun to play with, against or whatever. I'd recommend not playing this champion just because she's Janna, and her safety nets are bigger than the fire departments'. --- **Karma**: {{champion:43}} A support I play a decent lot, but who doesn't have a following of a bigger part of the community. She has quite the decent laning phase, and depending on her build she can do a lot of damage or be very supportive with her shields and snares. I however wouldn't recommend her as she's quite tricky to master / play, but in my opinion very worth it. She tends to be a niche pick though, play at own risk. --- **Kennen**: {{champion:85}} An interesting pick for ADC as well as support. Just like on ADC he has a decent AA range and animation, and the threat of stunning both opponents with decent damage. A very scary pick, and very snowbally, altough he doesnt give way too much utility too his ADC. A good lane pick, and teamfight, but quite bad if they have many assassins, due to his build path being like Frost queens claim + Zhonyas. But definitely try him out with heavy engage comps! --- **Leona**: {{champion:89}} The master (mistress?) of all ins, Leona will smash any oposition in lane with a good ADC. I love playing with- and as Leona for the simple brute power she brings, but sadly champions such as Soraka rule right now. I'd definitely consider Leona worth playing, as long as you have a good ADC (Not skill wise... or well skill wise is useful, but mainly as in lane dominant). Play her with the likes of Lucian or Draven and your kill potential goes through the roof. --- **Lulu**: {{champion:117}} She's not picked too much but in my opinion she's not weak at all. With a decent AA (Assisted by Pix), shield.. speed-up.. health increasing ult she gives her ADC a lot of surivability, and the potential of good trades. It's a shame Janna's shield is so much disgustingly better due to the AD and stuff. Meh, banning Janna and picking Lulu doesn't seem like a bad idea ;). Try her out here and there, and if you like her go for it! Otherwise you might want to stick to more meta-supports though, as people don't really consider her a support at the moment. --- **Morgana**: {{champion:25}} Morgana in my opinion is like Janna's sister. Both are, in my opinion, rather anti-fun to play against due to the punishing aspects of their kits and the strength of them. With a snare, that at rank 5 snares for way too long, and a blackshield that cancels out spell effects she's definitely very strong. Against the likes of Alistar, whose combo she completely blocks, she can be devastating. Wouldn't pick her in every matchup but in some of them she definitely does very very well. --- **Nami**:{{champion:267}} A really good laner, for the skilled. She has very good W, which sustain and damages. A Q which can be devastating when it hits and an E that combines well with champions such as Draven. I really like playing with Nami, as she wins most lanes and matchups. A solid champion in general, if you can hit the Q. --- **Sona**:{{champion:37}} Sona is like Nami, but with more issues. She only gets her CC at level 6 which makes it quite painful before. Especially all-ins from champions such as Leona can destroy the very squishy Sona. Wouldn't recommend playing this one due to the positioning and meta in general. --- **Soraka**:{{champion:16}} To be honest Soraka is straight up disgusting at the moment. You can all in her ADC and she'll just outheal your damage. If people trade incorrectly against her she'll just demolish you. Not fun to play against, and really strong at the moment. Needs little skill too :/ Fix please. --- **Tahm Kench**:{{champion:223}} This guy is a support!? Impossible! I'll admit that he's a bit of a niche pick, but in my opinion the potential with devour is real. You have to play around with this guy for a bit but I think you'll come to appreciate him after eating him when the Leona just ulted him. Also, tanky with E.. and decent damage and CC. --- **Taric**:{{champion:44}} Well then Taric.. I wouldn't pick this guy but atleast he has some things going for him. Learning support for example is really easy due to his kit. He has a point and click stun, passive armor for him and his ADC and an OK heal. Also not the worst damage and bonus passive stats on basically everything. --- **Thresh**: {{champion:412}} In my opinion he's the jack of trades on botlane. He fixes immobile ADC's in lane with his lantern, giving them a way to easily get away when ganked, and his lane dominance is huge. With the windup on E he has decent poke and short trades, and his hook is really strong and unforgiving. Not to mention the damage and utility his ult brings. Imo a really good champion at the moment, basically a pick you can pick any and every game against any lane and comp. --- **Trundle**:{{champion:48}} A really strong sticking support with decent tools for engaging in mid and late, especially his pillar and ultimate being very good for certain situations. He'll basically nullify the enemy ADC with his q in the early game, and the fact that he sticks so damn well. His damage is quite serious too, and he gets a _lot_ of free sustain from his passive, something people often overlook. --- **Vel'Koz**:{{champion:161}} A really interesting poke support, with a suprising amount of all-in damage. His ult procs his passive a lot, and magic damage + true damage is basically a win. He also has a knockback on his e and a really decent slow on his Q. I wouldn't necessarily recommend playing this guy since he's pretty hard, and he tends to be a niche pick due to his squishiness. But for fun / if you're pretty experienced with the champ from mid you should definitely try him out! --- **Zac**:{{champion:154}} Now hear me out on this one. It might not seem like the best but it really is quite good. I played with someone who (In mid diamond) played a lot of Zac support and it's suprisingly good. He deals so much damage on the E with E max, and sticks to them. When he gets 6 he's basically a nightmare. He's also pretty good in diving and all-inning with his passive. (Especially with your toplaner TP'ing on your blobs, getting him there, making them invulnerable while not stopping the revive!) --- **Zilean**: {{champion:26}} Sadly Zilean has a really weak laning phase, but if you get through that you're going to be an absolute beast. Zilean is one of the strongest supports in the mid-late game in my opinion, with a blatantly broken ultimate if used well. Would not recommend because he's really tough to play, but that one time you get a good Zilean... Makes my day, really does. --- **Zyra**: {{champion:143}} Although not played as support, or rather not played at all, with some obvious weaknesses I think she's quite fun to play. Wouldn't recommend playing her in serious games though, because she can get abused pretty hard by hard engages and all. Does have decent damage, and if she builds full AP she can easily 1v1 the ADC if not completely underfed. --- _With the power of love and friendship! Lux **** up._ Let's start off by explaining what kind of botlanes you can have. I'd generally go for: 1.Poke 2. Sustain 3. All-in 4. Scaling I'll give some lanes for every category, but keep in mind that you can play around with them, and don't need to restrict yourself to "one category" or just these combos. --- **Poke** examples: {{champion:16}} {{champion:236}} This lane basically revolves around Lucian E'ing in, and then taking a trade. After that Soraka simply heals him back up again. You do this multiple times and you just whittle your opponents down. --- {{champion:432}} {{champion:110}} Bard goes in and stuns and then Varus just unloads abilities, do this like twice against a non-sustain lane and they'll have no hp. --- {{champion:43}} {{champion:22}} You just unload abilites all the time, and you actually have some kill potential once you hit 6 on Ashe, too. --- **Sustain** examples: Actually, this is very bound to supports, so I'll leave ADC's out of it, although I'll give you some lanes that work well with eachother. {{champion:16}} {{champion:236}} Yet again, this is combined poke + sustain --- {{champion:40}} {{champion:67}} Janna covers for Vaynes early game weakness, making this quite good to just take the harass, or well, shield the harass. --- {{champion:117}} {{champion:119}} Lulu can cover for Draven, speed him up when he wants to get in/out and give him a shield + Pix. Pretty strong --- **All-in** examples: {{champion:89}} {{champion:236}} This one is rather self-explanatory, the Leona goes and the Lucian follows. Tons of damage, they die. --- {{champion:201}} {{champion:236}} Same principle, but then you use Lucians passive to proc Braums passive. The idea is Braum jumps to a minion, applies a stack with Q or AA and then Lucian comes and instnatly gets 2 stacks with 1 AA because of his passive. Preferably have the Braum ult _after_ the Braum passive wears off. --- {{champion:12}} {{champion:18}} Alistar goes in and Tristana just straight up jumps on the target, she actually has a remarkably high amount of burst when the W lands on the E. --- {{champion:53}} {{champion:119}} You just wait for the Blitz to hook, and if he hits the hook you go destroy them with the Draven. Really scary if the Blitz has a good game, and even scarier once the Draven starts snowballing. --- **Scaling** examples: To be honest scaling comes very close to sustain lanes, since all sustain lanes normally wanna do is just get through the laning phase, Janna, Soraka et cetera run rampant. {{champion:40}} {{champion:67}} Janna gets Vayne through lane phase, Vayne gets the team through the game. Little kill potential but that's not needed either. {{champion:16}} {{champion:18}} Same principle as Janna Vayne, you get the idea I guess. --- _Because everyone loves lists, right?_ Top tier ADC's at the moment are, _in my humble opinion,_ These are **NOT** facts: T1: Lucian and Ezreal T2: Tristana, Corki, Draven, Kalista --- Top tier supports: T1: Janna and Soraka T2: Nami, Thresh, Braum and Zilean T3: Leona and Bard (P.s. I put Leona on third because she feels like a niche pick, although in strength she's T2) --- Top tier combo: T1: Lucian Nami, Lucian Braum, Lucian Leona (Notice a trend?) T2: Vayne Janna, Tristana Alistar, Draven Nami T3: Basically anything (sensible) goes, although a honorable mention to Ezreal Bard, due to the fact that Ezreal can farm solo, and Bard can just go roam. This is _not_ a lane to win laning phase, however. --- _I think that he thinks botlane is in a good spot right now, my opinion though_ In my opinion botlane is in a decent spot right now, although the fact that Assassins are getting buffed has me a little bit concerned. I also wish for Riot to keep their hands off of botlane. This might sound a tad rude, but if we look at the facts they ruined more than they helped lately. Quinn remake made her _completely_ unviable for ADC, the same goes for Graves. (Some salt because they were my favourite champions) Then when they tried to change the meta with Mordekaiser they simply over-buffed him so badly that he demolished every lane, which was meta-changing.. but not for the better. Although i'm not going to beg for botlane buffs, I feel like some supports need some nerfs (Janna, Soraka) and some ADCs need to get buffed, but not with "unique" reworks, but rather just stat wise. Some immobile ADC's feel very unrewarding to play, and if you get ahead they'll still get killed by 1/5 Youmuus Zed. Champions I specifically target with this are for example Kog'Maw and Sivir. Possibly even Ashe, but we'll see where she ends up after all these random buffs to assassins. --- _"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"_ If you got this far, thank you for reading! I hope you learned something, and if you have any questions or want to discuss anything I swear that I'll reply to you. No scam whatsoever. Seriously though, any suggestions / questions are appreciated. I hope this'll give some insight in especially the beginners. I'll probably be heavily editing this version though, as I have written it in a single day and it probably still needs some work. So yet again (I'm awful at this I know) thank you! -Cey [My jungle guide]( [My toplane guide](
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