yo here is the state of the game in my eyes and how it will be till the start of a new, probably also underwhelming, season.(like the last 2) right now the game is a trashcan. nobody likes playing it and the people who are still playing it have zero fun and just play it cause they feel the need to do it (cause they don't want to get worse and they put years into this game) or are simply addicted to it. there is too much dmg in the game which reduces the skill ceiling in the elos gold and higher to a minimum which results in people winning the game just for picking op or super save shit instead of playing well. fights are literally down to who hits his cc first. everybody dies in 2seconds and most stuns and cc last long enough to achieve things like that. stuff like nocturne, fiddlesticks, and all tanks are busted just cause of this reason. riots balance decisions are questionable at best and often result into killing one thing completely (hello irelia) while making something else completely overpowered (hello ap supports). they often tend to balance things just to achieve a change or show how creative they can be. what they never look at, if this is actually helping long-term and/or is it fun. the new runesystem is a complete failure and i think the game would be better if a thing like the runesystem just wouldn't exist. tanks are getting buffs for no reason and this will keep on happening before the worlds cause riot knows that games are more interesting to watch if people are forced to play tanky shit. while the players don't like playing tanks in average so riot buffs them so hard that they are overpowered and you need to use them. also, riot doesn't clarify a picture for tanks. they keep on adding insane burst and dmg on overall highly tanky champs for no reason. why should i play an assassin or bruiser if a tank can deal 2k dmg hile keeping me in a cc chain in a short duration(cho has 1200dmg on his ult and dat shit is tru dmg) + having cc + being more save and tanky + allowing more failures cause even when you miss everything you still soak up alot of dmg + you can get catched and survive were other champs die instantly. APchamps like mages go complete nuts right now. they offer range + cc + insane item utility and it doesn't look like they need items at all cause brand, lux etc. can oneshot you out of the support role with never really touching a minion or doing anything to earn this dmg. the dmg they get and the utility they can achive with zhonyas banshees and the mana staff is out of the world and they always have one more thing to outplay you and in a meta were you just throw stones at each other and hitting your cc is the only win condition all of this is completely broken. i dont need to talk about the burst dmg they have cause when a support with 1 item can oneshot you there is definitely something wrong. ad assassins are a useless class that gets a shitload of dmg cause of how broken tanks and ap dmg is, atleast for the first 20minutes. after that they are completely useless when not feed cause simple items like zhonyas and ga counter them completely. they can kill target in less then half a second which not only takes 0 skill, it also offers no counterplay to the person that gets attacked. assassins often just need to learn to do they combo that's all there is to playing an assassin. they have an easy time to get ahead early which is there only hope of being useful in the game. when this happens they make the game unfun and boring for everyone. when they dont get ahead early they easely get outclassed by mages cause they offer range, more dmg, more utility and have cc which turns assassins to none existing team members that are most effectively used when staying afk in the base. ADCarrys have to much dmg(right now its kinda okay) and they survivability is to low. if you life or die as an adc is completely based on your support and if you have ga up. boring bruisers are okay right now but slowly get outclassed by tanks again that offer more for less. supports do nothing all day and get everything for free. when you suck you play this role otherwise i don't have enough experience with support to say anything to it. the only thing is that its inexcusable that ap mages as supports can onshot with 1 item +boots this post isent there to hate the game or riot as a company. i love league and wish it a long and great future but right now the games has alot of problems in my opinion that go to the core of its mechanics and are (in my opinion) unfixable till new season and also the mentality of riot putting esport entertainment and gameplay design creativity over fun is huge issue for me.
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