did riot write my name in their deathnote or something???

Is it possible that the league system has some sort of blacklist that keeps pairing some players with the worse teammates? Lately I've been pretty satisfied with how I was playing, but it has been absolutely impossible to win a single game. I'm not saying I keep getting stomped, I'm saying I beat the ennemy laner 18/19 times during my last 20 games (that 3/15 panth was pure tilting from the lobby). But I just couldnt prevent my teams from throwing. I've tried to direct them in all kinds of ways, but it seems that whatever I do, if they've stuck their mind on the wrong attitude, there's nothing to do but lose. For ex, I was facing a voli as panth top. He was so tanky that I didn't have enough mana to finish him, so I tried to call xin for a gank, but he stuck his mind on inting mid. When I finally killed voli at min 6, kata already had 4 kills (Im not joking, this is a typical game for me). He was farming quite well and came back so tanky that I couldnt scratch him with my serrated dirk. I tried to roam mid but kata being kata she escaped. At min 8, still no gank from xin, but 2 from amumu (their jungler). At min 10, I'm still 1/0 but voli has twice my farm, constantely pushing, and I have no way to kill him. Kata is 6/0. By the end of the game, she's 16/2 and voli is 6/2. I'm 2/5, xin 1/6, diana 3/9. Another example, my last game : shen 3/5/7 (he was ok but tilted and followed the feeders in the end), riven 4/11/7 ,kasadin 2/10/6, kaisa 8/10/4, me, ziggs 4/5/11 Now take a look at the dmgs : 22.5k / 11.0k / 16.0k / 24.9k / 43.4k Yes. I did TWICE more damage than anyone else, as a support, with barely HALF the farm. Thats not all, the ennemy's carry did 31.4k. I did ONE-THIRD more damage than anyone else in the game. All that while focusing on slowing the ennemies with my E to help my team escape, or stun them with Z to provide them with opportunities to kill. All that while warding strategic areas and trying to depush. So, ok, lets admit I could have done a lot better. Maybe I should have roamed at min 5 with my panth to shutdown kata. Maybe I should have gone supporting shen and let kaisa feed solo. Or steal her farm, to carry myself. At this point, whatever I do results in a loss so I have absolutely no clue. It seems that every game is lost at the very moment riot's system created the teams. What I notice, is that kata or zed didn't do anything fancy either. They didn't have to roam or def until level 18, hoping to come back, because other lanes fed hard. They just stayed on their lane and they got delivered free kills from random inters. And that's the same pretty much every game : 99% of the time, someone from my team gives first blood and ints the fastest snowballing hypercarry in the ennemy team, before I could even buy my starting items. Ok let's say I'm the problem. But then, where are the carries in my games? If teams are really created randomly, then shouldnt I also get this 16/2 kata in my team 50% of the time? I have absolutely no problem with criticising myself and I would be DELIGHTED to find I've been doing it all wrong, and changing *this* or *that* would win hard. But clearly at this point I can only witness the absolute regularity of all my games : 2 or 3 players int hard, and by the time I leave lane I face a 12/0 jinx that 2 shoots me. So I can only think there's something wrong with how teams are created. Maybe it's because of how the MMR system is built : the more you lose, the less you gain LP, the worse teams you get. Maybe it's the league system : there's some kind of "dynamic pairing" that gives you teammates with similar trajectories. Maybe it's the honor system : the more honor you have, the more successful teammates you get; when you lose, you dont get honors, so you get worse teammates, and you lose more. Or maybe it's just bad luck? At this point I'm just trying to understand. It clearly has nothing to do with how I'm playing when my team has a hyper carry fed by minute 6.

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