So how do I win these and get out of silver again?

Yeah. So I'm stuck in silver because of games like this. I know I don't play perfectly but I also don't play like a silver but I can't get out of silver when I'm literally 1vs9. So how do I prevent getting in to games like this (if there is a way) and I don't care about comments like "git gud" "just carry harder" "you just suck get better" "look in to your own mistakes" "dont blame your team its your own fault" since these are not correct. So why does a silver player die 2 times in a row to the jungle birds. And why does a tanky silver jungler die 15 times in a game. And why does a silver adc only get a single kill. And why does a silver team all together do over 2 times less dmg to towers than me? Why are these people not in bronze???? How is this possible that I'm playing with people that are clearly a lot lower skill level than me against enemies that are around the same skill level as me (exept for Gangplank)?????? How are these people not deranking to bronze when I'm playing well and still deranking 3 ranks in a day?? Feel free to leave salty comments about what I should have done better to carry the game alone 1vs9. I will go grab some popcorn {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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