i need help please..

I am dead guys,i've had enaugh of silver players! It's not fair... I went to s1 and got demoted to s2 cause of toxic teammates,brainless,noobs that play ranked and test champions in ranked say that they main those champions etc,they feed they troll. It's just not fair! If i play premade with a friend that's gold everything goes better not so many flamers afks or feeders/trolls. It's just not fair.. I was on a winning streak and than lost so much i went from S1 51 lp to S2 75 lp cause of idiot teammates,i always am nice and all but i've had enaugh,even if i am first pick i ask my teammates what they play best and let them play the respective role since i'm a mixed player and i can play any lane,than i see them... Flame,feeed and blame other guys for the feed on their lane,instead for going after obj like drake,baron ,towers they all go for kills and die most of the time... Why am i so lucky to play with these kinds of guys? How can i ever get to gold since this is a team game but no1 plays like a team enemy team always play like that and for me it seems i am stuck with 5 year old children ,please tell me how to get to gold.... I know it sounds impossible but i reallly want to achieve gold rank this season,but it's impossible with these teammates,i always ward play safe if i need too focusnon obj but team foes exact opposite thing... It's just not fair! Gg rito gg.... So please tell me how to get to gold... Please... It feels impossible with these kind of people on! :'(
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