What is your opinion on Ranked Matchmaking Algorithm and MMR?

Hi Guyz, well, long story short, I am here, as so many of you, after a streak of frustration. Nevertheless, I am not here to flame, but to understand something I have absolutely no information about, although it is a core pillar of this game: The Matchmaking Algorithm,yes! I am a gold player, who has started to play ranked (again), and pretty quickly remembered why he had stopped playing rankeds in the first place - it is too frustrating, because at time it feels unfair, silly, unbalanced and straight illogical. Does it sound/feel familiar? I really dont wanna dwell into the discussion why it is like this, because it is hard to get on objective ground from a subjective point of view, and few people probably have the patience to discuss this out as this subject would require and deserve. Therefore here are some "simpler" questions in that regard: 1) What parameter does this matchmaking take into account? 2) How does it determine your MMR (as it sets the points you get from wins/losses)? 3) Why does Riot not improve on its algorithms? Or do they? Does anyone have any information? Because it feels the same all those years. * I think players are punished through means of their MMR (which determines your points for wins/losses) by mere luck. With luck I mean the chance of having a better or worse player personality of the same elo bracket in your team. If you are luckier you have a good streak at the start of the season and rise like a rocket through ranks, if you are unlucky (and have not that good of players) you might have a reverse streak and your MMR gets destroyed to the point where you just crawl. This is a mindless system, imo. It comes to a points where the system starts to punish you, by setting you even more down the ladder (in points) after failed promo attempts, what makes it obviously ridiculous. I wanna note, that the player is the same in each case, or in my case at least. I am on a pretty the same and constant level for the last 3 years or so (I play since season 1) and I have experienced every variety. What is the reasoning behind this, or is it simply not working as it is supposed to? Why not having a constant points gain/loss for everyone? What serious game on earth gives league points to each contestant according to some superficial evaluation system (that even doesnt work as it is supposed to)? I tell you that this doesnt exist. Why not let the brackets be determined by merely the players' skills that they are composed of, instead of manipulating them through MMR? Is there a benefit to this system that I dont see? GG, Ronne

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