Is something wrong with platinum division?

So I've started playing a little bit again on my platinum account which I gave up on playing about 2 months ago. Every game was just too stompy and you're essentially powerless as a solo player to influence the outcome (as a jungle/support main). I've played about 5 games so far and it's exactly the same, I thought it was just a streak of unfortunate luck before, but it's too often to just be coincidence. In like 90% of the games 3/5 players at least (on my team or the enemies) will just get stomped incredibly hard, it genuinely feels like a like a bronze player playing against someone who is actually platinum. Their game knowledge is awful and their mechanics are meh... Is the algorithm flawed? I have no idea how this happens. When I've played jungle all 3 lanes just get obliterated, and whether it's my team or the enemies the jungler it doesn't matter what I/they do. I could be 7/0/0 at 10 minutes (or 0/0/7 respectively) but the teams advantage would be lost in an instant. Of course you can carry to extent til around the 20 minute mark but once the enemies team up their just too ahead and there's nothing you can do. Before my main got banned it took me about 2 months to get through platinum and then I got to dia 2 in a few days, the only reason I got through platinum was just because my teams were stomping the enemies so much. Of course I had a part in the wins but it could have literally been 4v5 in those games or I could have afked and still won. Any else experience this or have any idea why it occurs particularly for Platinum? Edit: I've also noticed that there are so many afkers. I've never experienced this so regularly than in platinum, the game will get to about 12 min and some noob have 5 deaths and there's people saying they'll leave or just afk in base, open mid etc. While I'm 5/0/0 in the jungler and desperately trying to get them not to leave because the game is so winnable...ahh it's fun.
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