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So I've been playing this game since beginning of S4. Practiced a lot, started from the very bottom, Bronze 3, climbed all the way to Gold 4, and I hope that I can manage to get to Plat before this season ends (wish me luck guys! :D ). I am already very happy with the tweas they announced to promotion series, but I can't help but thinking that I would like the ranked system to be a bit different. Here are things I would like the system to do/have. Keep in mind these are my opinions, and I want this to be a constructive criticism kind of post. - First and foremost, a better way to handle AFKs. I would like the team that gets an AFK to lose less points, as they have a huge disadvantage. To prevent this from being abused, people that AFK in ranked should be punished more harshly, and lose A LOT more points and be banned for long times. - The Draft Team Builder is something that is probably going to be great. People should be allowed to specialize more in some roles rather than having to be generalists, which makes their performance more inconsistent. - I would like the system to keep in account your personal contribution to the game. Riot collect LOTS of data about every single game, (just look at match history!) and I think they should develop an algorythm to keep track of your skill. Win/Loss should still be the most important factor, but Gold earned, Damage dealt to champions, CS, Wards placed, objective takedowns and kill partecipation are also very clear indicators of your contribution to the team. They should influence the amount of LP you win/lose every single game IMO. It would force bad players down faster and good players up faster. - More LP lost for negative attitudes, and toxicity. On top of bans, people that are toxic should be pushed down the ladder. No matter how good you are, if you are toxic you should stay out of higher elos because you clearly lack sportsmanship, which is fundamental to the enjoyement of the game for everyone. - If the Draft Team Builder does not replace regular draft, a vote kick where 4 players can unanimously vote to force someone negative to leave and get the conequent penalty for it. - Personally, if the previous things were applied, I think a single big ladder with no promotion series could work better. In my experience so far promotion series are just a massive time sink that make your climb a lot more lenghty and frustrating, without really actually keeping bad players from climbing anyway. - 10 total bans instead of 6. They would be one for each player, instead of having only one guy banning. This would compensate for the ever increasing number of champions and allow everyone to have an influence on the bans. That's all I can think of right now. I hope this or any part of it gets considered by Riot. Any constructive feedback or other ideas are welcome! Let me know what you think! :D

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