Curious why players still say 'ez' .... in ARAM

Most of us logical players understand that in ARAM your team is randomly assigned champions, and its a fun mode, so why are there ... players, and I use that term loosely, feel the need to make it toxic by saying easy. I mean it may be easy due to the vagrancy of the RNG selecting champions or simple team comps that dont work, or yes, poor play .... by players getting a champion they are not that familiar with. Why say easy ? Why no nothing if you cant say gg or GG, why easy ? Why add that extra bit of toxicity for no reason to a fun mode ? Are you really that incapable of grasping the nature of ARAM ? Its simple, its random and its for fun, skill is subjective and depends on team comp that is random, so in other words its all for fun... or in internet speak ... 'for teh lolz, lol'. It doesnt bother me anymore, I mean the first few times I was like reported, but now I am more like... really ? How sad.
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