OP URF Champions

Just thought I'd compile a list of game winning champions one picks on Ultra Rapid Fire. Champions who just wreak havoc when they are picked. 1. {{champion:114}} Fiora 2. {{champion:28}} Evelynn 3. {{champion:12}} Alistair 4. {{champion:57}} Maokai 5. {{champion:54}} Malphite 6. {{champion:8}} Vladimir 7. {{champion:105}} Fizz 8. [UPDATE] {{champion:3}} Galio - Forgot about him :) Have you seen other overwhelming champions I might have missed? Side note, the following champions I consider as pretty strong but not on the same level as the previous ones: AP {{champion:421}} , {{champion:61}} , {{champion:126}} , {{champion:120}} , {{champion:62}} , {{champion:35}} , {{champion:81}} , {{champion:55}} .
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