Autofill - What do you think?

Hello, What do you guys think about autofill? I feel like it's getting worse on EUNE, i got autofilled in 3 queues right after each other (someone left from first 2 games). I am a mid / jungle player, and i can play support well, so autofill wasn't a problem so far. But nowadays i feel like there are many support mains and a lot of players hate top and adc roles, so as i do. I cannot play those roles. Well okay,i can but no on a plat level where i am right now. When i get autofilled i ask my teammates if we can switch (yes, i DO play support, i do not refuse that). I can even play top if i get filled there with some easy champions like malphite, or one of my junglers who are capable of being a great top laner, like jarvan. But when i get autofilled as an adc, im completely lost. I cannot play adc, RIOT PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT. Just make queues a little longer, i DO NOT CARE, just let me play my roles, that is why you implemented this system in the first place. Some more minutes of waiting is much much better, than a higher chance of a lost game, because my partners are close to 4v5, because i cannot play my autofilled role on a platinum level. Thoughts?

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