Teemo Changes, Idea, Treatment & More.

So hello, So I'm a Teemo main with 150k+ mastery on my current account and 450k+ mastery in total. I have some hours on him let's say that. So let me explain why I'm making this "discussion" and let's begin talking about the Teemo. Let's start with the "birth" of the Teemo; Basicly Riot had an idea with the Teemo to make him a scout, he was the frontline of the Team and left a trail behind or some sort of security. Eventually Riot felt like he was too squishy to be able to become a frontliner as he wouldn't be able to do anything, so they had to give him somewhat more power. Making him extremely good at poking and damage output. This is why he became so annoying. Now Teemo over the past years has never really got any big changes. As you can also see on champion.gg, Riot left him be a Teemo. They let him be annoying because players liked that about him. The problem with the Teemo is, since he hasn't got changes and is around 10 years old atm. How does he work in the current meta? While all these champions who got updates, reworks and new champions have hyper mobility, hard cc or incredible play-making potention. Whilst Teemo remaining the same. Riot thankfully saw that Teemo needs changes which I personally think is true. He does need changes. You can be good on Teemo, but theres a limit. To win with Teemo in high elo, you need incredibly good macro play and he's unplayable in League of Legends eSports. So what I basicly said here, is that Teemo is so "predictable" and has enough counterplay because he owns no skillshots nor the high mobility dashes//hard cc all the new meta champions have as such a squishy target. His only escape are his shrooms once in trouble. Which can easily be countered by an Oracle lens or a Control ward. Meaning in higher elo, where every toplaner knows this, his shrooms are basicly useless. So in the Reddit of TeemoTalk and on the League of Legends Boards there are alot of Teemo mains that have responded to the canceled Teemo changes and even suggestions. Which sums up that alot of Teemo players do want Teemo changes and it changing him should make Teemo way more of an actual good pick, instead of an annoying pick that maybe gets some kills and a lead of cs. Tons of Teemo players stated that they would like a (W) change on him. Maybe something like a tumble/dash which gives extra vision, Riot has a lot of options to do with Teemo. Teemo is the "Swift Scout", so making a touble or something that creates extra vision makes sense to the character. Riot is also possible to put the current (E) passive onto the (Q), to make it an Active + Passive. Now Riot has 2 abilities (W) + (E) to change and do whatever they think is the best for Teemo and what he deserves. I hope Riot actually makes him a real champion and does something with Teemo soon as they promised to do. I would love to see some sneeking around/tumbling dps toxic changes to Teemo and giving him almost the same treatment as Ezreal has gotten. Sry I was bored, kbai
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