late game boots \ sightstone ideas.

the boots are early-mid game great items , and now we are in tank-meta , mostly long matches 40+ min long. and the boots loose their effectiveness in the late game which can be easily replaced by almost any item that worth 2500+gold or more. so why not create late game boots that are still worth and effective till the late game? my ideas for late game boots are: {{item:1001}} +{{item:1037}}+{{item:1036}} ={{item:3006}} total cost 1950. enhanced movement: +45 movement speed. +40 ad +10 armor pen unique active: steals 10 ad from the targeted champion (40 sec cooldown). these boots are made for heavy ad fighters and assassins and i hope they make{{champion:91}} viable again. ex:{{champion:59}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:238}} {{item:1001}} +{{item:1042}} +{{item:1036}}={{item:3006}} total cost 1700 enhanced mobility: +45 movement speed. 25% attack speed. 15 ad. unique passive : +25 attack range. this item would be best working on adc and some fighters ex: {{champion:11}} {{champion:157}} . {{item:1001}} +{{item:1027}} + {{item:1052}} ={{item:3020}} total cost 2200 enhanced movement : +45 movement speed. 35 ap. 200 mana. 15 magic pen. unique passive : every 10 sec your next ability will deal 50 flat magic dmg(no scaling) with additional 10 magic pen. an upgraded sorcerer's shoes for late game. {{item:1001}} +{{item:3067}} ={{item:3158}} total cost 2350 enhanced movement : +45 movement speed. 15% cooldown reduction. 350 hp. Unique passive: your next basic ability will have 50% less cooldown ( 40 sec cooldown ). EX: if u are a mage with 6 sec cooldown Q ( 40% cooldown reduction ), if u cast this spell now with the passive of boots it will have 3 sec cooldown. {{item:1001}} + {{item:1028}} +{{item:1029}}+{{item:1006}} ={{item:3047}} total cost 1800 enhanced movement : +45 movement speed. 225 hp. 25 armor. 75% base health regen. unique passive: reduce basic attacks dmg by 10% unique passive: restores 1% of missing health every sec. {{item:1001}} +{{item:1033}} +{{item:1028}} ={{item:3111}} total cost 1800 enhanced movement : +45 movement speed. 25 magic resist. 225 hp. unique passive: tenacity- reduce crowd control effects by 35%. unique passive: reduce damage taken from spells by 8%. your complete shoes +{{item:3069}} or{{item:3092}} or{{item:3401}} = combined stat so u dont sell the supp item in the late game and still effective with the boots. combine cost : free. only for supp! they need better treatment than others. ----------------------------------------------------------- {{item:1001}} +{{item:1036}} +{{item:1006}} + {{item:1006}} ={{item:3117}} total cost 1800 15 ad. 100% base health regen. enhanced movement : +35 speed,increased to 105 when out of combat. unique passive: when you are out of combat u gain 25 health regen per 5 sec and your next attack will deal 40 bonus physical damage with additional 10 armor pen. great boots for low sustain junglers. {{item:1001}} +{{item:3140}} ={{item:3009}} total cost 2500 enhanced movement : +60 movement speed. unique passive slow resist: reduce slow effectiveness by 25%. unique passive:blocks the first slow effect,then u become immune to slows for 2 sec and gain additional 30% movement speed(30 sec cooldown). unique Active: remove all debuffs and gain 30% movement speed(90 sec cooldown). the new boots of swiftness would great on :{{champion:2}} {{champion:86}} and maybe {{champion:31}} unstoppable train XD. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and about the {{item:2049}} ,i never saw anyone completing that item to {{item:2045}} NEVER,so why not make it a bit more worth item? so everysupp buy it and some junglers :D so here is how could {{item:2049}} be better : {{item:2049}}+{{item:1031}}+{{item:3067}} = purple{{item:2049}} total cost 2800 50 armor 450hp 10% cdr. stealth wards: 3 . unique passive:for each ward placed u gain 15 health regen per 5 sec and 5 armor. this item would be good for tanky supps or junglers ex:{{champion:64}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:59}} . {{item:2049}}+{{item:1057}}+{{item:1028}} = bronze {{item:2049}} total cost 2400 50 magic resist. 350 hp stealth wards: 3. unique passive:for each ward placed u gain 15 mana regen per 5 sec and 5 magic resist. this item is as good as the one above it just based on the opponents. {{item:2049}}+{{item:1026}} = gold{{item:2049}} total cost 2000 50 ap. 200 hp. stealth wards : 3. unique passive :for each ward placed u gain 10 ap and 4 magic pen. this item would be good on {{champion:60}} {{champion:131}} . {{item:2049}}+{{item:1037}} = silver {{item:2049}} total cost 2100 30 ad. 200 hp. stealth wards : 3. unique passive : for each ward placed u gain 6 ad and 3 armor pen. this item is good on{{champion:59}} {{champion:62}} . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if u like my ideas please make sure you upvote this post so riot can see it and change the items into what fits better the late game. if u didnt like them please tell me why and try not to downvote it since i really hope they change them. Ty,Nightfury Shadow.
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