Hi guys, you ever thaught about Cho? Insane scalings insane cc true dmg!!!! insane tankyness insane lanesustain why this champ didn't got nerfed? Winrate in solo ranked ~52 % i mean this champ doesnt afford real skill-it is even showed who to ult to instakill him so is it described by the winrate/popularity(~15% in all games) What to nerf: just one of those: ult(Dmg dealt +hp gained[both]) w(silence to 2 secs max maybe)+q ap ratio to 0,5(Both) new passive: champs eaten give cho hp(hp gained from ult goes into passive) gain hp/mana per kill wont be there imo he is a huge frontline,and a god in soloq he is getting more and more popular and its hard to counter him i hope this will read someone from rito and they think about it you like to nerf champs so nerf this one :P

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