Why Akali Getting Nerfed on a Assassins Rework?! Riot pls Answer...

First of all I am not just a random noob flaming. I am just talking about facts. I was Akali main and stopped playing her after nerfs to his e. Then I started playing Korean (Tanky/ad) akali which was the way of playing akali at its best for awhile. Then I had to chance to try NEW akali on PBE. I mean I played many games with new Akali and here are my thoughts: First of all Akali getting nerfed big time in an Assassin Rework which is very sad. Almost all of her skills getting nerfed under a big shiny Assassin Rework label. Dunno why but it disappoints me more than a normal regular nerf. Cause I had hopes about a slight Akali buff ( at least to his e skill) **Passive:** NERFED BIG TIME. Instead of a constant sustain now all we get is heal for first hit and dmg for second hit and it gives you 8 second cooldown. Which is pretty lame and useless in many ways. Being Assassin requires you to kill your opponent in 5 secs tops and in first engage assassins have full hp %90 of the time. So heal on first hit will be PRETTY USELESS and it will be on 8 secs cooldown when you gotta kill somebody and get out in 5 secs... Good joke Riot. I mean this passive gotta be a joke. **W: **yes it teleports you short distance and gives you immunity from pink wards BUT riot also nerfed shroud time a lot. And now with new W you cant recharge your skills. So you cant just use 2x combo on your target by using w now. You only use it to either run or engage which limits to usage of W imo. **R:** Cooldown change and Damage nerf to already 4 times nerfed ability is a bit too much and doin it on Assassins Rework as I mentioned earlier is just very very very disappointing. **E: **now since ad bonus nerfed and you guys (Riot) gave her ability to scale with ad/ap Tanky/AD Korean Build will also be useless and also this is a huge nerf too that ppl dont even realize. Back in days e was scaling with ap and it was not problem but back in days you could also pop your q ability with e which was pretty nice kit for an full ap assassin. But now Riot doesnt want us to build ad/tank by changing her E skill and if we build full ap; as a full ap champion you gotta q and AUTO ATTACK your targets on a 5v5 teamfights where all ppl saving cc abilities for akali. HUGe fail. If you wanna change E at least make it as before then I can accept all the nerfs to his ulti and e skill. In conclusion: I think ppl who rework Akali have no idea about playing Akali or any Assassin. Best thing you can do Riot is not changing Akali at all instead of applying this changes imo. Farewell.
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