PSA: Your pick is less of a decisive factor than your familiarity with the champion.

**What does that mean:** If you pick something because its the FotM and you have 10 games with it, and your lane opponent picks something he has 200 games with it, and has been playing since season whatever, you are likely to lose the lane, if your pick doesn't completely counter his, or the jungle babysits you. Accept this fact, for your own sake: **Just because something is touted as "op" or "crazy broken", doesn't mean its auto-win.** And no, it doesn't matter how many youtube videos with big yellow title-texts and 2 items in the thumbnail you have seen about it. These videos are **CLICKBAIT**, made by people who make a living of you clicking their videos. They are handpicking those games. For every "crazy broken" game were they went 13/1/3 they lose 3, because they play something they are not familiar with themselves. ---- I am not saying "don't try new things"...try new things! Get good with them! Develop your skills! But please don't expect miracles. The champion will not win the game for you. You have to do that yourself. And when you are trying to win a game that counts for your score, if you are in a ranked, then maybe taking that new hotness for a spin isn't the best idea. Because you might just meet some nutjob like me, with over 700 games on Nasus, who has seen your pick champion, and played against it, with his own main, before, in all possible builds and playstyles, and is WAY more comfortable, aware of his limits and strongpoints than you are.
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