Where is Quinn?

That is a serious question. Where is this champion on the Rift? I haven't seen her in aeons now. In terms of playrate, she ranks around the same as friggin Volibear... Last patch to touch her was 8.16. She was nerfed 3 patches in a row, and the buff in one of the three was reverted two patches later. The v.7.22 buff was annihilated. v.6.6 also a nerf. All this with the excuse that she had to be compensated for Lethality items and their buffs in later patches. But when tank items got buffed, Lethality nerfed and ADC items she occasionally bought were nerfed as well... where was the compensation then? Quinn supposedly was nerfed for "a lack of counterplay". Tell me Riot, where is the counterplay in a Twitch showing up out of stealth and two-shotting your carries from 1000 range? This double-standard for certain core champs and neglect and contempt for bench champions in your roster is again showing. Champions like Twitch, Kai'Sa, Urgot, and many others can walk through patches unharmed but as soon as one of the second class champions is out of line, the immediate nerf hammer strikes. Besides, there is a great deal of counterplay against Quinn. In lane, it is a tiny bit of armor, enough to shut her down for the most part. A tiny bit of jungler attention to set her back and make her useless for the rest of the game. Besides, her team usually omits a tank for the place she takes. For other lanes, a bit attention to the map goes a long way, but clearly, thats the hardest part that people just cant let go of 1-2cs to back off when an enemy roams. And yes, Quinn can show up in your lane considerably faster than other champions. But so can Tahm Kench, Kayn, Twisted Fate, Aurelion Sol, Talon and others. And those are still all very much alive and in play. Before you say, but hey, she is having a 51% WR in Plat+, so she must be good enough, right? No. First, she is likely only being played by mains, those who put time and passion into mastering every aspect possible about her, and second, her low playrate means that people just dont have the experience to deal with her. Which again ties into "counterplay": how can people develop counterplay when she isnt played? When she was stronger, she was immediately nerfed in a knee-jerk reaction before people bothered to learn how to play against her. So Riot, again, I would like to ask you: Where is Quinn? Why isn't she getting some buffs, some love? There is no problem in buffing her; there is counterplay aplenty, way more than for other champions you continously allow on the Rift or even buff.

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