Oneshot by zoe (not complete rant)

I played a game as Twisted Fate against Zoe. I did well, dodged her spells and killed her twice in laning phase. She didnt get the best start to the game and went 1/6. However she got lich bane and rabadons deathcap while being still behind. Then when i had dodged like 4-5 Q`s she hit me with W and long range Q and killed me from 75% while i had roa already. How does this make sense. She can just spam Q till she hits for low mana cost, and when she lands even when behind she nearly oneshots or chunks hard. How does this encourage even play when even if you trash her early it doesnt matter, she still oneshots you but bit slower. So either increase cooldowns and mana costs to punish for missing that Q or nerf that Q damage. Im still relatively tilted by the fact that 2 item and far behind Zoe killed me for misstepping once. Also (yes i ban her in Draft, just had to play blind when one of my friends wasnt eligible)
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