Pragmatic answer to "I'm good, but my teams are bad"

Just a small though. If you win your lane, you done well and everything. You must use that lead to help your teammates. Otherwise it's almost irrelevant. Sure, it's cool if you almost never the reason why your team gets behind, but that's simply not enough to climb and win games efficiently. To put point of comparison, imagine you have 2k gold lead over your opponent, but don't back to buy items. What's your lead amounts to? Nearly to nothing if you don't buy stats for that gold you just got. Rite? Now put this mindset to "I won my lane". Who cares, if you won your lane but haven't used that lead to make plays, help your teammates, rushed objectives or so. You should start pushing your wave to tower and look for making plays over the map. To accelerate that lead in the actual game. Otherwise you are just pathetic KDA warrior who isn't good at this game as a whole. Great stat to look at is Kill participation. If it's around 40%, no matter how good you think you are, you flat out play bad. But no problem, now you at least know what issues need to be looked at and worked on. Tha tha, inspired by phylol video.
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