(Ranked) Howling Abyss

Hello Guys&Girls, I really love playing on Howling Abyss! But i miss something on the gamemode "aram" |No ranked/point system, unfair champion select, one one game mode on the howling abyss| Wouldn't it be nice to have a different kind of ranked system for Howling Abyss, with maybe fair champion selects, maybe it shouldn't be random, or each champion has some qualitypoints and both teams have in some way equal random champions, Those are just some fast thoughts, i guess Riot could be more creative in it. Cause for now "Why play serious on aram | dude, it's aram who cares | do you really tryhard on aram ? | ... " Maybe it would be nice to have a more competitive mode/system beside aram on Howling abyss. in my opinion, a lot of people would love that. Grtz ThePainters any thoughts about this ?
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