in the name of god, again "i wont even give a single phuck about reports" riot said

why never reporting for troll in league of legends works?, my rank is silver IV , and today i went in a queue, that we only had one bronze yorick! and rest of them was unranked, being afk after 10 minutes, i cant upload and image so my name is ERIFUN in league of legends euw region and its the 4th time im uploading a phrase like this, with this title, kind of! lemme read the status of our players : malphite(me): 7/5/2 tristana : 1/6 diana : 3/7 soraka : 0/5 yorick : 2/4 i know it, every one must have a chance to play, even for fun, but im amazed that riot company replays on this and just tell me what the phuck is algorithm of his game for being guys in 1 queue, even in ranked, so the $hit i just released is that league of legends company doesn't see any difference between an unranked guy and a silver IV, gg riot, gg, FOR GOD SAKE JUST ONCE PAY ATTENTION TO INTERNATIONAL FEEDING REPORT TITLE, JESUS WHY U GUYS EVEN CREATED THE REPORT KEY AFTER THE GAME?! I ONCE REPORTED BC FLAMING, YES AND YOU HAVE MORE FLAMERS AND MORE TILL U DONT PHUCKING REPAIR YOUR PLAYERS BRAIN, AT LEAST ASK FOR THEIR YEARS, THEN START THAT PHUCKING QUEUE
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