I think im screwed now?

Yup i am.... League of Legends is one of my favs hobbies, and i play it since halfway of season 1. I was banned lots of times, chat mutted, rank restricted, but now im not banned for 2 years, resulting on improving my behavior. Now im almost 23 years old (tomorow) and i live in a rented room in small city of my Island (S.Miguel - Azores), since i start to work as a GIS ANALYST. The probleme is, i live in a house with 4 guys....4 guys using a, somehow weak, router will make me slow in going up the ladder... when i had 2 people in my house i had 65 to 80 ping, wich is the normal in my country. Now that there's +2 guys living in a normal yesterday i had 1300-1800 ping, going down to 400s and back up to 1300s..... Is there any idea to improve my internet connection? since im gona live 5 days a weak with that kind of weak internet now and i really really wanna keep playing with good ping.... Any ideas? =( i dont wanna have to play LoL only on saturdays =( Thanks in advance.
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