Why is Irelia's current state allowed?

I don't get it.. there are so many aspects wrong with this champion. First she got no real weak phase in the game. Those who say her early is bad haven't laned against one in a while. You can't outtrade her at all because once you are about to win the trade, she will use her E and stun you for way too long. Yes, you just got** punished for playing better then her** and outtrading her. Also, even if you actually won a trade she will just play defensive and E you when you want to deny her farm. And once she has her E on Cooldown she still has her W which heals her on hit and deals true damage. There we go: **True damage**. Riot's all about counterplay and still has truedamage in the game, which is stupid. While I don't mind truedamage at all I don't think Irelia needs it at all. If they continue their 'Counterplay-Spree' they will need to change truedamage one day. Once Irelia got a sheen she will be able to kill a lot of champions 1v2 because of her neverending sheen procs with help of her ult. Play safe you might say but nope, she will gapclose to you with her Q (sometimes even over two minions) which gets resets on minion kills and has a low cooldown anyways. I feel like once she gets close to somebody she will not leave this one until this 'somebody' is dead. Of course, peeling you say. But her free 40% tenacity and merc-treads tell me differently. I am not saying she is 'the most OP champion in the game' but in my opinion atleast the most annoying and 'antifun' to play against. In my opinion her E should defenitely be changed. Some suggestions: - Make it slow less or - Make the stun last longer on the amount of missing HP ( for example: 50% HP Maokai won't get stunned for around two seconds by a 49% HP Irelia who heals that once percent away anyways) or - Make the stun only proc if she is actually having X% HP less then her target and buff the slow /whatever or - Change the W truedamage to flat ad/on hit physical damage - Change the W heal to passive lifesteal (earlygame nerf, lategame buff sorta) Those suggestions are probably not that awesome but I really like the ones with the stun depending on HP differences. Also, I am not a Gamedesigner and it's not my job to balance the games. But what annoys me the most about Irelia is, that I feel like I know why riot isn't touching her at all: They don't want the "better nerf irelia" meme spam on the forums which will probably make something like "wesdrftvgzbhnj Riot bashes irelia again omg" popular. It's just a suspicion. Probably it's "because LCS" but whatever. **TL:DR: In my Opinion Irelia should be nerfed / changed for varius reasons listed above** Please tell me if you disagree or agree and why. If you agree Upvotes might be useful to get riot's attention, if they even give a fuck about forums.
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