Lifesteal Runes on ADCs in Season 6

**Lifesteal Runes on ADCs in Season 6** This article is written by me - _"LagsAlot" a high elo player on EUW_ - and contains my personal opinion on Lifesteal Runes on ADCs in Season 6 and mathematical statistics. Feel free to discuss the topic in the comments down below. **Since the Marksman Update in Preseason 6 the Item builds of ADCs have changed.** Riot implemented changes of uncommon Items like Essence Reaver, Phantom Dancer and Mercurial Scimitar, added new Items like Rapid Firecannon to the game and completely destroyed Last Whisper as a build-able Item for ADCs. These changes cause more unique ways of building ADCs but ways without Lifesteal early on. The two biggest Lifesteal Items: Bloodthirster and Blade of the Ruined King were nerfed. Bloodthirster is now more expensive and has five AD less. Meanwhile Blade of the ruined King lost twenty-five percent of its auto attack power. Beside these nerfs an old Item has Lifesteal now as well - Mercurial Scimitar. So you have three possible Lifesteal Items to go with which aren't that great - at least not great at building them early in the game. Blade of the Ruined King was a great starting Item for Vayne, Kalista and Kog'Maw but since its nerf it might be better to not buy it. So the core build of most ADCs (at least how I play them) is now "Essence Reaver, one Attackspeed Item and Infinity Edge" or "Infinity Edge and two Attackspeed Items" - so you don't have any Lifesteal in your first three Items. Nor you have the opportunity to build a Lifesteal Item to sustain the laning phase any more. But I really want to have Lifesteal without changing the core build. _This is why I thought about the following:_ **Lifesteal Runes.** Lifesteal Runes grant you many benefits in my opinion. You have a good sustain early on in the lane, so you can trade pretty well and also you have a good amount of Lifesteal in the midgame without any Lifesteal Item beside Doran’s Blade. **Let's do some math and talk about the pro and cons of them.** * 10 AD are worth 350 gold. * 12% Attackspeed are worth 300 gold. * 10% Lifesteal are worth 375 gold (550gold-(0,5*350)gold). **So the gold value of the specific Quintessences are the following:** * 3 AD Quints grant 6.8 AD and are worth 238 gold (350*0.68). * 3 Attackspeed Quints grant 14% Attackspeed and are worth 350 gold ((300/12)*14). * 3 Lifesteal Quints grant 4,5% Lifesteal and are worth 168,75 gold (375*0,45). The gold value of Lifesteal Quintessences compared to Attack Damage and Attackspeed Quintessences is pretty low BUT due to not building any Lifesteal in the first three Items it is, for me, a reasonable way to play ADCs with. Also Health Potions are more expensive as well which makes early Lifesteal way better. You don't have to "waste" a lot of gold for potions, you just have Lifesteal instead. This is a good compensation for the low gold value. The less pots you buy because of the Lifesteal Runes the more gold efficient they are. Overall you have 9,5% Lifesteal at the beginning due to Runes, Masteries and Doran's Blade. I usually build a second Doran's Blade so that I have 12,5% Lifesteal on the way to my core build - 12,5% is a good amount of Lifesteal for the beginning and I upgrade it to either 19,5% (Mercurial Scimitar) or 29,5% (Bloodthirster) Lifesteal with my fourth Item - at the end I sell Doran's Blade for my last Item so I have either 16,5% or 26,5% - but rarely more than it by building two Lifesteal Items (which would make 36,5% at the end). **Let's go over to the pros and cons of these quintessences.** With the Lifesteal Runes you gain a lot of sustain early on, you can trade very well (even if you lose your trades damage-wise) because you can heal yourself up better than the enemy can. ADCs with expensive early Item builds are good with Lifesteal as well because you can have a long laning phase, a long farming phase due to the Runes. Trade only if your enemy makes mistakes, normally you play passive and wait for the mid to lategame. So as you can read I use Lifesteal Runes on champs I have no or not much early pressure with. Of course you can't have just benefits from Lifesteal Runes. There are disadvantages as well. You will have less damage in lane and a little bit less damage in the lategame at all which makes your poke and your trading in the laning phase worse. That's why I recommend a passive laning phase. You also have less MR and/or Attackspeed which depends on your Rune Page. Here I have two different Rune Page suggestions for you but you will have to sacrifice a bit of your lovely MR and Attackspeed to be able to play with Lifesteal Runes. **Here I show you my two possible ADC Rune Pages where I carry Lifesteal with.** The first Rune Page concludes Lifesteal, a mix of AD and Attackspeed, Armour and Attackspeed while the second Rune Page concludes Lifesteal, a mix of AD and Attackspeed, Armour and a mix of Attackspeed and Magic Resistance. So the second Rune Page is made for an AP heavy enemy team. [3x Lifesteal Quintessences, 3x Attackspeed Marks 6x AD Marks, 9x Armour Seals, 9x Attackspeed Glyphs.]( [3x Lifesteal Quintessences, 3x Attackspeed Marks 6x AD Marks, 9x Armour Seals, 6x MR Glyphs 3x Attackspeed Glyphs]( (The second Rune Page is more gold efficient due to the Magic Resistance Glyphs.) **I also have two Mastery Pages to suggest. ** One is 18/12/0 and the other one is 12/18/0 - make sure to always carry the bonus Lifesteal with you in the Ferocity Tree. At the moment Thunderlord's Decree is dominating the mastery pages of nearly every champ so I think 12/18/0 is a more suitable way to play ADCs now, with or without Lifesteal Runes. [18/12/0 Mastery Page with Fervor of the Battle]( or [18/12/0 Mastery Page with Warlord's Bloodlust]( [12/18/0 Mastery Page]( Keep in mind that I don't want to force you to play your ADCs like I describe in this article. Play like you want and feel free to build everything you want. This is just a suggestion and feel free to test it on your own. Thank you for reading my very first League of Legends article and feel free to leave critic and questions in the comment section down below. _Feel also free to visit my [Youtube Channel]( and my [Twitter]( **I wish you a very nice day and a wonderful Snowdown. ** **Cya in my next article.**
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