my client is broke

i dont know about everyone else but i need help fixing my client. ever since that hextech store got released i experiencing problems like never before. i cant access my store consistently it just crashes most of the time. when queing up for game in dynamic que with a few friend sometimes one of us wont recieve the accept option for a match as if we arnt part of the party lobby. im playing games and getting bug splats and the 2 years ive layed this game ive never had one ive had two since the hextech store. i got bug splat out of my game and when i reconnected i couldnt see any animations of chapions doing abilities it was as if everyone was kassadin rift walking around the map. its not my internet nor my computer. my friend who spectated got a bug splat spectating. o the 5-6 people i lay with consistently we are all experiencing a a surplus of problems since the last three patches and ive never had a proper issue with bugs in this game since then. surely were not the only ones experiencing a high level of problems since the last 3 patches?? riot can you sort your shit out please? big thumbs up when you do until then im really dissappointed as its not jut effecting me an my experience but the experiences of others who i play with when my client breaks during a game and kicks me out and there frustrated as weve just threw a game because i recieved a bug splat during because of your doing. i cant see my champion masterys sometimes nor what rank im in and my client is breaking left right and centre. is anyone else having a surplus of issues the past three atches or is it just me??? i spent 30 minutes repairing files to see if any were corruted and its stil broke. so sad.....
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