[CHAMPION SUGGESTION]:Vergil, the Son of Sparda

First, I do not own Vergil.He's owned by Capcom.I'm only doing this beacause it's 3 am and I'm bored.Hope you enjoy. Role:Fighter/Assassin Lore:After his brother releasing his soul, Vergil was not sent to Hell but to Runeterra.Finding this as a new opportunity to get more power, Vergil is determined to become the most powerful warrior in the world and he will cut in pieces one who opposes him. Stats: HEALTH 537 – 1866 ATTACK DAMAGE 58 – 112 HEALTH REGEN. 5 – 13.2 ATTACK SPEED - 0.667 (+0% – 60%) MANA 250 – 917 ARMOR 20 – 72.3 MANA REGEN. 9.0 – 16.2 MAGIC RES. 35.0 RANGE - 125 MOV. SPEED - 335 Abilities: Passive: Concentration - Vergil gains a stack of concentration for every Auto-Attack or Ability that hits an enemy unit.At three stacks, Vergil abilities will be empowered.Vergil looses all concentration stacks if he's hit by an enemy or misses an ability. Q:Rapid Slash Vergil dashes forward(425 units), dealing 80/100/120/140/170(+100% bonus AD) physical damage to every enemy hit. Empowered:Rising Star - Vergil additionally knock-backs the first enemy hit. Cooldown:16/15/14/13/12 Cost:50/55/60/65/70 Mana W:Bewoulf - Vergil punches the ground(350 range) dealing 90/135/155/185/210(+80% bonus AD)physixal damage and knocks backs all enemy units for 0.75 seconds. Empowered: 50 additionally range(400) and knock back duration increased to 1 second. Cooldown: 15 at all stages Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 Mana E:Summonned Sword Vergil targets(600 range) an enemy with a summon sword dealing 40/70/90/100/110(+90% bonus AD and +50% bonus AP) magic damage.The target is then marked with a sword for 6 seconds.Vergil may reactivate this ability to teleport to the enemy marked.After the duration ends or Vergil reactivates the ability, the sword explodes dealing 10% of Maximum health of the enemy as magic damage. Empowered: Duration increased to 10 seconds and if Vergil teleports, he may recast the ability again within the next 6 seconds with no cooldown or cost. Cooldown:24/23/22/21/20 Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 R:Devil Trigger - Vergil reveals his Demonic form fot 6 seconds at all stages, gaining bonus Magic Resist, Armor, Movement Speed and AD. Bonus Resistances: 20 at all stages Bonus Atack Damage: 40 at all stages. Empowered: Vergil may reactivate to use Judgment Cut End. Judgement Cut End - Vergil channels for 1 second.After 1 second, Vergil blinks(800 rang) to the target enemy and up to all 5 enemy champions, becoming untargetable in the process.At the end of the ability, every enemy hit is stunned for 0.75 second and receives 200/300/400(+120% bonus AD) physical damage. Cooldown:120/100/90 Mana:150 Starting items: {{item:1055}} {{item:2003}} {{item:3340}} Essential: {{item:3158}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3078}} Offensive: {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3071}} Defensive: {{item:3143}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3026}} Consumable: {{item:2003}} {{item:2004}} {{item:2044}} {{item:2043}} {{item:2140}} Upon Selection: -I need more power! Upon starting a game: -No one will stand in my way. -I will rip them apart. Attacking: -You're weak. -How dissapointing. -Pitiul. -Pathetic. -I expected better. -You're no fun. -Is that the best you can do? -With swift moves. -Die. -With speed. -Might controls everything! Movement: -No one will stand in my way. -I will rip them apart. -With technique. -Give me a real challange. -I need more power. -Give me motivation. -I will defeat him. -I know my path. -I was weak but now they don't stand a chance. -They will regret opposing me. -Who dares to challange me? -I'll cut everything. Activating Rapid Slash/Rising Star: -Cutting though. Activating Bewoulf: -Stand aside. -Out of my way. -Back off. Activating Summoned Sword: -Nowhere to hide. Activating Devil Trigger: -Now I'm motivated! Activating Judgment Cut End: -You shall die. Taunts: -Show me your motivation. -You shall die. -You stand no chance. -You're weak. -You can't protect someone you love with that power.Let alone yourself. Taunting a nearby {{champion:134}} : -We both seek the same thing. Taunting a nearby {{champion:238}} : -Interesting power. Taunting a nearby {{champion:122}} : -Admirable strength. Taunting a nearby {{champion:101}}/{{champion:58}}/ {{champion:75}/} {{champion:268}} : -Where did you get that kind of power? Taunting a nearby{{champion:201}} : -You are not human, are you? Taunting a nearby {{champion:121}} /{{champion:161}} : -Interesting creature: Taunting a nearby{{champion:266}} : -Finally!A real challange. Taunting a nearby {{champion:81}} : -That glove...interesting... Taunting a nearby{{champion:157}} : -Nice sword. Taunting a nearby{{champion:119}} : -You talk too much. Taunting a nearby{{champion:432}} : -What in the world are you? Taunting a nearby{{champion:429}} : -No...I shouln't... Jokes: -I NEED MOAR POWA! -Do you know how much hair gel does it take to have an hair like mine? -Noxians...I like those guys! Upon buying{{item:3074}} : -They will all fall with one strike. Upon buying{{item:3072}} : -Oh yes!There will be blood. Upon buying{{item:3153}} : -He was weak. Allies: {{champion:134}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:122}} Enemies: {{champion:101}}
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