Tanks need a large overhaul

Believe it or not, tanks are in a really really bad spot in league. Everything a tank used to be able todo is now overshadowed by other classes: * **Reliable CC:** Once upon a time their was a good gap between been tanky and having a lot of cc versus dealing damage and having mobility. Right now a damage dealer has both. Their where exceptions on burst mages like {{champion:1}} for example but her cc was gated by her own kit or didn't fluidly was build into her kit. * **Fontline:** Tanks where champion that where always usefull on the frontline. No matter how far behind they where. They where still able to forfill their job. * **Holding lane:** Tanks where capable of holding a wave without getting blow up under their own tower. Tanks where champion that you could position on toplane without having the risk he get's killed 2v1 even if he plays perfectly. * **Safe & reliable pick:** Tanks where in general safe picks that where reliable across all elo's. Tanks where never the most popular role but they had a solid purpose back in the old days. They felt rewarded by playing them even if when you where forced into one. In terms of functionality they simply lost their way. #Tank list ##Wardens ###Protection Tahm, (Shen*), (Braum*) ###Controle (Braum*), (Galio*) ### Engage Poppy, (Shen*), (Galio*) ##Vanguards ###Wombo Zac, Malphite, Amumu, Leona ###Flank Ornn, Sion, Maokai, Rammus, Nunu ###Isolate Alistar, Nautilus, Sejunai, Gragas With the exception of {{champion:89}} not a single champion has not become problematic in both solo Q or competive the last few years. Zac had his rework reverted. Malphite is outdated, Amumu was nerfed for lower mmr, Ornn (you known why), Maokai with his reworks, Galioooo, Tahm anyone and poor Braum. Tanks are a crucial but also problematic part of league. Their identity get's stolen by other roles time & time again and when they get strong they are nerfed into oblivion. Back in the day every tank was usefull in both competive as in solo Q. Every champion was capable of building some damage so he would be able to carry solo Q games. #Suggestions ##Shen I like {{champion:98}} as a Warden. But he kit always felt more duelist to me. How about giving him the Warden (hybrid Skirmisher) class and push him more towards the wall duelist he suppose to be. With a small rework on his Q & W and more %health damage he would be capable of turning into one. ##Nautilus Nautilius used to be the cc king. Now their are so many champions that can match his amount of cc or surpass him. I have an issue with a lot of the tank in the game right now. They are so depended on cdr and all have cc'd that are on a 3,4 seconds cooldown lategame. Let's go back to static cooldowns with Nautilus as a start. Give his Q a static cooldown like 13 / 11.5 / 10 / 8.5 / 7 seconds and rework his E into a more intressting cc spell. ##Nunu Give his R (Absolute Zero) a ground effect. I wouldn't mind a raise of the cooldown to 120 / 110 / 100. etc...
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