why is it that hard to get : the FIRST TEAM TO ENGAGE GROUPED ALLWAYS WINS !!!!

HEllo everybody, Well all is in the title, in all the games i play i allways see one team that engage together before the other, and in 99% of cases, this team wins... I think people that tend to focus on farm solo when the other team just group and engage the fight make their team lose all the time.. I mean, u can be fed and have a strong combo , if ur team get engaged as 3v5 u can do nothing but lose And the inverse is true : u may be have a bad start and bad compo, if u manages to engage the fight at more and before the other, u ll win .. this opinion may be not true at pro level, where ppl can disengage or counter engage if they are less, meanwhile a player split push, so often pro player dont even try to engage as 5 and tend to make the difference only on good farm, but this way to play is too much rated as the "good" way by average players that they don't see that all they would need to win is to group and engage BEFORE the other team does the same ... To say it differently, like in "the walking dead", NEVER SOLO, GROUP BEFORE THE OTHER, HIT BEFORE GET HITTEN ... ( and forget a bit the farm after 20 min) I'm saying that 24/7 in my games, what do u think about ? THanx
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