Screwed Grades...

Lol, I just finished a game with an abyssmally low KDA 1/11/5, and I got... B-. WUT? This is hilarious, I was so much behind I was getting constantly oneshot by any enemy who happened to be nearby. I couldn't contribute to my team bc in any teamfight I was being the first one dead, quite often dead even before I managed output my entire 3spell combo!! So I started clearing the jungle and splitpushing sidelanes, hoping to farm till I get my core items before the game would end. (I didn't manage to accomplish this). Sometimes I was getting oneshot by enemies in this jungle or in these sidelanes. Even though I was Annie I dealt the LEAST damage to champs out of my entire team. I also dealt the second least total damage to turrets and was third in terms of damage to objectives (prob bc I almost took a drake only the enemy stole it; also while clearing the jungle I was taking blues and reds whenever possible, only to give the buffs to whichever enemy was first to oneshot me later). But yeah I did take one turret down. I got B-. WTF?! It's not the first time I'm staring at my grade in disbelief. SOmetimes I think I deserve a higher grade than I get. But this time? I'm sure I deserve a lower grade. C-, tops. But B-? This would mean I've almost met what was expected from me. Srsly? Even though I was feeding?! Since I was feeding and couldn't contribute much to my team, I believe my performance was FAR below what was normally expected!! Shouldn't the grading system be fixed? This is, at least, how I would interpret the grades: D: Horrible; C: Bad; B: Around average, on par; A: Better than what could be a priori expected; S: Awesome EDIT: League of Graphs summary of this match:
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