Karthus High Elo Viable?

Hey guys, Do you think playing Karthus only will allow me to climb into Gold? My current win-rate on him is 100% but I only played 3 ranked games on him, however I am on a 11 game winning streak with him. I personally love the Champion, however some say that I won't be able to climb into higher elo with him as people counter him pretty easily. Do you think, getting to Diamond is possible whilst maining and playing only Karthus. I do play Soraka and Zyra if I get autofilled or Teemo/Garen top. So the final question is: Is it viable maining and playing only Karthus whilst not playing any other mid-laner in ranked and will I climb just as efficiently as someone who mains lets say 3 mid champions? Thanks for reading! {{champion:30}} {{item:3029}}
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