New Runes are too one-sided.

Captured with Lightshot
Since the rune changes, I cant seem to get any good rune page simply because of the absence of variety. People say that these new runes are awesome because they add a lot of variety, but actually most "good/meta" runes are just extra damage in a way or another, especially for junglers. I used to have a page that worked perfect for me with the junglers that i played, however, it is not possible to get a similar page or in fact ANY page that has all of the stats(bit of hp bit of atkspeed and some cdr) that i used to take in my old runes (not including masteries) so i ended up being either forced to go full ham and damage early or tank and fall behind just because my runes dont provide enough of what i need. Simple runes is good as long as you give us options. Removing runes completely would be good too if it was about helping more new players get in the game easier but giving less and less options variety isnt that fun.
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