Nasus's healing is beyond a joke

Nasus's need to be changed it's getting stupid how he can always use q because it's cost is so low he can use all the time he basically never has to back he can just sit in lane can never fight while heal though pokes until you run out of mana. Grievous wounds doesn't help as he heals off minions. this makes it unbearable to lane against him. Most Nasus players never fight early on they just run forward heal off minions then run back with more q stacks they have no need to push the lane or do anything that is fun to play against just wait at the back off the minions until its time to q again and because of the 20 mana cost q will always be up when they need it. Whenever my friends and I see a Nasus on the enemy team we have to consider just backing out because Nasus is that unfun to play against. Nerf the cost of his q or stop him healing off minions all the time something, please Rito.
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