Update to Juggernauts changed meta from bruisers to assassin bruisers.

Hi folks, this is actually the first time ever I post something to the forums, never commented on any patches or changes, but I feel I gotta say something about this one. This patch and particularly changes to the "Juggernauts" is changin the meta from bruisers to assassin bruisers. For the past few days, I've seen something ridiculous. I can't even remember seeing this big shift in power spike, since the times of Madred's Bloodrazor on Warwick. I am maining jungler role, I played quite a few games as Skarner jungler with Per Game Averages at 6.1/5.5/10.8. Also played Morde on mid or top, and Garen or Darius. But what this patch did with them is beyond ridiculous regarding the power spike. I see now Garens, Skarners running around the map with better stats than those of an AD carry. Seeing 16/2, 10/1, 21/5, 14/3 Skarners roaming around the map is really frustrating. Counterjungling Skarner is nearly impossible at this moment. AD carries are practically dead if any of those guys get their hands on them. There is no way of killing them, they run straight to them, kill them without any problems and run away. Particularly the Skarner update with those Crystals. Did anybody actually test this in a game how this works before they've put it out live? The bruiser items released this patch are adding more oil to the fire. If the point of these changes is to wipe out ad carry role completely, then we are on a good way. What's your experience? Weigh in please.
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