why is leblanc still in the game like this?

How can riot keep her up like this? She is such an unhealthy design. How can it be that she dashes around and i have to guess and outplay her not only once, but 5 times to actually kill her? In all my time with league of legends i just hated every second in game with her. I have never beaten her in a satisfying way, i won lane in some cases, i got some kills on her, but it never felt good, it was always just the feeling of guessing at a quizgame and being right by some freak accident. And leblanc players are so frustrating. They don't respect anything, they loose lane heavily and still go in like they have nothing to worry about, and one of those times you guess wrong and she kills you even tho you are miles ahead, and you just feel like throwing everything close to you at the screen. Or they win lane and feel like a god even tho the outplays are already build into her kit, no need for the player to outplay at all. Winning against her doesn't feel good, playing against her is not enjoyable in the slightest and loosing against her is one of the most frustrating experiences in the game. I can't believe she's still in the game like this. The only character i ever consistently beat her with is ap tristana, but of course riot had to delete her even tho shes was a less bullshit version of leblanc.
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