Support with Heal - a viabel choice again?

So some time ago, a German League Youtuber made a video [link below] about Heal on Support,as a summoner choice. For those of you who have played for some time, using Heal on Support was a meta choice a long time ago, due to it giving movement speed and being stronger then barrier (due to it affecting two players instead of one) , riot nerfed that,by giving Heal a dbuff after use : "Healed champions are debuffed for 35 seconds, causing subsequent Heal casts on them to be 50% less effective." [link below] With that Heal was not viabel for two players in the same lane, but since it was still very good in duelling and late game for repositioning,it became the go2 meta summoner spell for ADCs and sometimes mid-laners. As most ppl know,that's how it still is, if an ADC doesn't go for Heal, something strange is going on and as I explained, doubel Heal is not viabel atm. So what made a quite adapt thoerist think about it? In patch 5.22 Riot nerfed Grievous wounds [link below] : "only affects self-healing instead of all healing" ,also they reduced the reduction of healing from 50% to 40 % . Even so they introduced an AD item which applies grievous wounds,in most of the games u still take the Giant slayer route (Lord Dominik's Regards) . So now we have a stronger Heal and weaker Grievous wounds , but why take the Heal now on support? The biggest thing is "self-healing" , which means lifesteal,heals applied on urself and health regeneration , if the support uses heals on u, it doesn't get reduced by Grievous wounds anymore ( one of the reasons why Soraka became so popular ), since the meta is quite agressive atm.A lot of ppl play with Ignite and a Morello is still quite usual on mid-laners. Another reason for using Heal on Support is the mastery Windspeaker's Blessing , which most healing Supports usually take, it makes ur heals become stronger and also buffes ur teammates with resistances for 3 seconds. So far Heal on Support instead of on the ADC sounds very good for some champions,doesn't it? So why is not everyone using it? Are they just clinging to an old meta ? Or is there mby more to Exhaust on Support then meets the eye? And what should the ADC use instead of heal? after all Exhaust is a very strong summoner spell, not only does it reduce movement speed and attack speed,as well as dmg done ,but it also reduces the targets resistances,allowing u to black entire burst combos and shred the target to pieces. In the video Maxim argued,that the ADC would take exhaust. Barrier also seems to be an option ,but it doesn't allow for the same kind of offensiv and defensive uses that Exhaust provides. If an ADC uses Exhaust , he will use it to kite a strong target infront of him. Sounds good ,doesn't it? But what if I tell u ,that this would result in a very selfish use of Exhaust. An ADC that kites a target,is focused on what's in front of him, wether it iss a strong Tank ,or a Bruiser, but the strong burst/high dps heavy carry in front of his team doesn't concern him ,which can result in a bad use of Exhaust, because the kind of dps/burst a carry can do ,to the whole team,is huge. Compared to that a Tank will always do less damage. In high-level play, a Tank will be kited appropriatly ,not only by the carry, but also by his team. With coordinated cc and use of spells the tank will slowly be brought down. If we are not looking towards greatness, to achieve good results, we will be halted in our tracks and partly stop progressing. But still, the possibility stands after all. Think about a still standing Kog'Maw, shreding a full-tank Shyvana with Exhaust. Ok,let's say we are not on a high-level of play - you could still use it,no? If u can coordinate the Heal with ur Support and communicate with ur team what it is u want to do,then why not? Especially premades could use this well. Now let me present the other options, the meta choice : running Exhaust on the support . And the snowball choice : using Ignite . We all know about that, but why is it good? Because it should be used selflessly (ofc some ppl use it as an escape tool,which is partly bad) . A selfless Exhaust is like tactical cc. Being a bystander and thus not as much affected by the fear of getting bursted as a squishy ADC, he can judge the situation better. We already talked about the cc components of Exhaust ( Just a quick reminder: cc-like:reducing attackspeed,movementspeed, and also a d-buff: reducing resistances and dmg dealt). If timed correctly it can block an entire burst combo and leave a high priority target vulnerabel. He is then unabel to use spells well and unabel to escape by other means besides a Cleanse or Flash. A knowledgeabel Support can identify the greatest danger and can take him out ina teamfight,for a few seconds, which is all that's needed. Additionally a Support has usually a lot of cc in his kit - the reason why he is usually helping his ADC to peel somebody off of him. With the right means, a Support can take out 2 ppl at once, exhausting a carry and peeling a Bruiser/Tank with his spells - or the other way around - exhausting the tank and engage on a carry. If u need some exampels : think about a 2v2. Any Support with an ADC vs another Support +Lucian. Just when Lucian dashes in, to bring of his quick burst combo, he get's exhausted, after the dash animation is finished, thus reducing the doubel autoattack + q + another passive enhanced auto,mby even more.Lucian can't escape and u did not even use ur normals spells thus far, or are just getting them rdy. Such a strong tool in the hands of somebody with a cool head and the knowledge is devastating, and can decide fights. Or think about a teamfight: where a strong Bruiser like J4 jumps on ur carry,with a eq combo and is about to r - you exauhst him midflight. Either he waits and wastes his combo,or he uses his combo without much burst and is then vulnerabel afterwards. Doesn't sound good for the exhausted person,does it? A mobile support has the control of the entire teamfight. Being able to decide on the best option is the freedom of a selfless exhaust, an ADC has to protect himself ,or he will die. He will react out of fear, not out of cold calculation, at the end, this game is about strategy,not just easy solutions. And not to forget : Ignite. Ignite is mostly taken to snowball or to counter high self healing champions, like mundo or volibear for exampel. It has offensive uses only, after u got a kill through the extra dmg u get more gold and with that u can get items faster,with more items u have more dmg/tankyness/utility, which allows you to win upcoming fights more easily.Also it allows you to track invisibel targets (because it reveals the targets) or see which clone is which (looking at u Leblanc and Shaco ). That's all that there is to ignite. If you are wondering why most pro teams don't use exhaust,it is because they know ,what to expect, how to peel, how to communicate etc .They don't need another cc-spell. After all, playing with normal players and in soloque is mostly very chaotic and not that focused on the "correct way" to play. With this i end my post. I hope u enjoyed the information I presented u and mby it was insightfull to you. Have a good day and enjoy yourself on the rift. Or on the other maps, dominion still exists for a quick round of fun *hinthint* Links: [Maxim's Video] [patch notes] [Summoner spells] PS: Thx Mera =) ( got u now )
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