Riot, next time hire ACTUAL artists

Literally, as someone who draws naked people in college, I have to say, the client login screen is obnoxiously poorly drawn. And im not even getting into perspectives. First off Qiyana's legs (and mostly thighs) are literally 80% of her body mass EASILY. Caitlyn's face is a literal polygon and looks like an origami (wide face) Yasuo has the body proportions of a 5 yearold (in heads) Kaisa is a cheap knockoff of vegeta, just. look. at. her. Also the posing is so obnoxiously wrong, Qiyana has the torso of a man, look at that gigantic rib cage and armpits. Jesus christ Riot, you get people to draw Nightbringer yasuo (one of the most realistic splashes) and then you come up with this garbage.
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