Where is Irelia right now?

{{champion:39}} Hello everyone, ever since the prestige Irelia skin was announced I started playing her, got the skin and am getting better. Of course, I had my bad games and wanted to rant about this and that, but realized that Irelia is just too tricky to play and that I am likely just not good enough yet to justify that. ^^ So a step back and let's ask the community: Where is Irelia right now? - Irelia is not really a good top lane pick right now? Considering the top picks like Darius, Mordekaiser, Aatrox, I changed to the strategy of just sticking to the tower until I get my items and don't engage at all. Again, a more skilled player might be able to defeat these top laners but even then it would be challenging. Camille or Renekton, Yasuo,...there are plenty of champions who can beat her rather easily. For the most matchups, I just try to survive and then get stronger in the team fights. Midlane Irelia? I also heard the suggestion that she is a better mid lane pick since they are a lot more squishy and lack shields/escapes more often. Items? Most guides go with the demon flask (or what the name was) for sustain+ an early back for dorans or 2 blades right away, but I was thinking if just going Dorans right from the start might help? Runes: The main tree is clear, but the 2nd one seems to be very optional. The pros tend towards support for biscuits and free boots or tank for a bit more survivability. So far she feels really dependent on her items, so maybe supp>free boots + early buy? No idea if that is worth it though. For the 3rd tree its either 2x force or ats+force. What is your idea on her? Where to play her, with what items to start? Do you have a chance of beating Mordekaiser at all? ^^ As a personal thing I wish they would adjust her a little so that she works a bit better in top. Maybe give her the shield breaker effect back that she once had? ^^

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