The features from old client that are not in the new one...

New Client looks awesome. But why are they removing features from the old client? In new client you cannot: -See which friends that are online during champion select. -See the total number of games you have played in ranked (only number of wins) -See the number of ARAM/normal games that you have played -In the profile page, one can only see the top 3 champions with higest mastery points. (In the old client you could scroll to see the other ones too.) -See all champions, their number of games played, KDA and winrate you've had in ranked. (Only shows top 5, with little details) -Make your item sets!!!! -See the most frequent champion/role/lane the people in your friendslist play. -See the current game mode people in your friend's list are playing. (Doesn't show 'Ranked' like the old one, only 'Summoners rift') -See the time a phone app user was last active when they are logged out. Will Riot still make improvements for the new client before the new season to add these features back? PS. I don't like the new a bit too compact for me. I like when chats with different people had separate windows. xd Wish there were a feature so you could choose which style to have.

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