solo queue classics in silver

Let me tell you something I am not gonna blame my team in any way, but let's face the truth, most of them won't cooperate, or will just be naturally garbage(i just got into silver 1 after a long fight, and I start losing hope again), because everyone will try to take charge on his own way, but if he is wrong, and making bad calls, he won't admit it, or won't even realise 'wow, i make some pretty bad calls'. If I try to take charge of the game, well, of course nobody will ever listen to me. If i know others are making bad calls, why should i follow, duh? Because if I don't follow, we lose, but if i follow, we lose because it's a bad call, unless the enemy team commits a royal throw and we somehow win the situation, then they will go 'wow, this guy actually makes some good calls', and then the next call, we all listen, even if it's a bad call by analysis, we all die like spartans, and blame the one who made the call. The problem with me here is that when we lose due to a bad call, but i somehow get out, i tend to still follow another teammate who is trying to turn the tides(of course, not the optimal decision by him), and i'm pretty sure, most of the times when the enemy lee sin was 9/0, and i was a bit behind with like 20-40 cs and one death(adc perspective), we could easily recover(at least me) and raise the chances of winning, if i just didn't follow shitty calls, or trying to save a throwing teammate and then die myself, why do i do this shit? If i know i'm gonna die if i try to save that idiot, why do i still tend to do it? My answer would be that i am so desperate to win, that i push my limits too much, but maybe there is a hidden asnwer that can help me chill the hell down and only do what's right. And most of all, let's face it again, i can't win every lane, i can't always win a 1v2, most suports in silver are autofilled, and don't know shit about botlane mechanics. Most times i see 1/5 top 1/6 mid 0/2 jungler, and the enemy jungler has all that score and gold. If i stay under the tower they dive, if i stay away, it's lost anyway, if i stay under the nexus it's already gg ff at 15, i can't always carry 1v5, i can't even expect them to know basics, much less listen and cooperate. The problem is that it feels like this more often than not, wich from basic math means declimb. People in silver are lost in mid-game, mostly lost in late-game, mechanics might be good ENOUGH, but that's insufficient. If i lose the lane and tower, i always have a decision to make, it's lose-lose anyway, if i try to just wavelcear bottom, slightly not letting it push back, my team will mostly die one by one, or in a teamfight mid with the enemy adc on duty. If i decide to screw bottom and go mid, it's gonna be open, and if i leave mid just for a fraction of a second, my diamond smurf ryze get's caught and we lose mid tier 1. Vision is usually 0, and i can list a whole bunch of complains about silver and their community. Report adc for not dealing damage, report adc for making a mistake of any kind, report adc this, report adc that, report my team for feeding(says the 1/10 jax), report my team for not following, etc. Teamcomps are garbage. Even the simple judgement of 'if this teamfight goes wrong, we can lose 3 towers, let's make sure we push out first, or at least try, before contesting an objective, or forcing one', is missing from silver brains. I mean what in the world am i missing, even when i can't do it any better and still lose? I admit, some of my last games in ranked were a bit garbage, if not totally, but when i can't make it any better, and i still lose, i just don't know who or what to blame, except me. I'm close to gold 5, and i noticed people are getting smarter ONLY during lane phase, i didn't see any difference between bronze mid to late game, or silver 1 mid to late game. It's the same garbage shit. And people are still falling into obvious baits, still can't resist a split push, they still fall into op champs and builds, so people are still stupid in many ways, but as adc, i couldn't find a proper way to punish these weaknesses yet. What am i missing? If you tell me to start playing a better role to carry from, i'm up for it, but i prefer this to be my last option, because i think there is a way to climb with any role, i just don't know what i am missing. Thanks in advance
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