WTF IS THIS RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are u kidding me Riot,from all OP disgusting champions u decided to nerf random ones like Graves and Jinx who is balanced already..SRSLY WTF!!! Here is a foking spoiler of secret op champions that u are incompetent to notice for all this foking time and NERF it instead nerfing random ones: {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:76}} And all disgusting cinderhulk tanks who are making this meta obnoxius and toxic. HAVE U TRY TO NERF THE DAMAGE OF ALL THESE CHAMPIONS INSTEAD OF MEANINGLESS CHANGES SUCH THE HEALTH OR MANA PER LEVEL,STARTING HP.etc etc Maybe its the damage ,mobility and ratios actually the fukin problem that makes this champions unbalanced...just maybe.Im done with this idiot game and idiot balance team...

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