Who do I deal with a fed Darius

Before you tell me I am a noob and trash in the game. Dont wast your time. I know I am really really bad at League. And probably will never improve. I just had a game where I played Kindred and It went okay... apart from the Darius on Top that got completely fed and we were literally unable to stop him from splitpushing. Even if he had no minions under tower and me only fireing at him, I was unable to kill him, since he literally took no damage from either me or the tower. And even if we got him kinda low, he just used his q and healt his entire health... and thats not an exaggeration. In the end he just stood at our nexus and hit it, not caring that Riven used all her damage on him and stunned him like every 3 seconds, he just continued to destroy the nexus. His ult literally killed most of us with one hit. I know Kindred is supposed to kite... but he literally cant be kited, he will just flash at you, pull you with his e and press his ult on you... I feel like I can't do anything against him. I think he deals WAY too much damage for how tanky he is and his heals from his Q feel WAY to high too. Please be aware that I am not trying to flame this champion, I am genuinely asking for help. I know I am complete trash at Lol.
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